RTE by Nicsmann - Your Premium Sous Vide Ready to Eat meals

How many of you have gone insane with the latest announcement of our unspecified period of lockdown time? I know I am stress out because I have been cooking at home and I have no more idea what to cook next.

Lucky I found a way to take the stress out of meal planning with Premium Sous Vide Ready to Eat meals by RTE by Nicsmann! I have not explored Sous Vide yet but I am happy that I can enjoy the chicken meats cooked with Sous Vide that are so juicy, tender and free from bacteria with Ready to Eat by Nicsmann.
Nicsmann Ready to Eat meal are Muslim-friendly, they only use quality ingredients and HALAL products in preparation. From chicken chop, fried rice, beef, mutton, even Japanese lamb curry, they taste amazing and most importantly, very easy and fast to prepare.
Order now with my promo code "RANECHIN" to enjoy;

- 10% Cashback
- purchase 10 FREE 2 pieces Sous Vide Chicken Chops
- purchase 20 FREE 5 pieces Sous Vide Chicken Chops
Originated from France, Sous Vide technology usually only used in 5-stars hotel and high end restaurants. It require plenty of time and professional knowledge to Sous Vide.
Now, we can enjoy Premium Sous Vide Ready to Eat meals with affordable price from RTE by Nicsmann too!
It's never been so easy to enjoy fresh, balanced, nourishing meals in minutes! Order now at https://www.nicsmart.com.my/ and use my promo code "RANECHIN" to enjoy further benefits.

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