Plant Origins Diffuser, Essential Oil & Personal Care for Better Sleep & Health

As a beauty blogger, I am obsessed with self care and holistic wellness. I believe that to truly achieve optimal wellness in the physical, mental, and spiritual sense we have to be viewing and supporting the body as the incredible system it is. Essential oil was known to have both physical and psychological benefits since ancient Egypt. Therefore, I have been using essential oil for aromatherapy purpose for many years now.
I used to burn essential oils in oil burner in early years. However, I can't stand the smoke of the candle one day hence I stopped using it. I am glad I found Plant Origins, a essential oils & personal care brand by Signature Market Malaysia. Let's look into their new products and packaging below;

Plant Origins Aromatherapy Bluetooth Diffuser (500ml | Promo Price RM 129.90)

Plant Origins Aromatherapy Bluetooth Diffuser is customized with LED lights, and works as a Bluetooth speaker too. The sleek design creates a spa-like home effortlessly.
I like the big capacity of it. It can produce mist for up to 13 hours on a full tank of water so you can wake up with radiant, hydrated skin. The atomizing particles help to neutralize dust, germs and other dirty air particles in the air, particularly when it’s hazy season. Thus, the diffuser’s constant stream of moisturizing air reduces the likelihood of illnesses caused by stale air circulating around the room and helps eliminate static. Fans of mist sprays for skin moisturizing will also appreciate the extra hydration the mist imparts to your skin and eyes. No more worries about having dry, itchy eyes, cracked lips or painfully dry skin.
NOTE: This package includes one unit of Plant Origins Aromatherapy Bluetooth Diffuser, a UK 3-pin plug, measuring cup and remote.

Health Benefits
1. Improves quality of air in enclosed spaces.
2. Reduce likelihood of dry skin, irritated eyes, dryness of the throat, allergies, frequent coughs, sinus headaches and cracked lips.
3. Humidity above 40% helps deactivate virus particles in the air, making them less likely to be infectious. This helps prevent influenza and unproductive coughs.
4. May help reduce snoring as the moisture in the air can aid with lubricating the airways.
5. Keeps hair and skin moisturized.
6. Reduces allergy, sinus and asthma symptoms.
7. With additional use of essential oils for aromatherapy purposes, it may also help relieve stress, alleviate symptoms of anxiety and liven up the atmosphere.

Usage Directions
1. Gently lift the cover of the Plant Origins Aromatherapy Bluetooth Diffuser (500ml).
2. Add water to the diffuser water tank using the measuring cup to ensure there is no overflow.
3. Close cover to secure it.
4. Insert the plug of the power cord into the power supply socket of the diffuser and connect the other end of the power cord to an electrical source.
5. Press the ‘on’ button to produce mist.
6. Press the light button to turn on light function.

How to activate Bluetooth Speaker function
1. To use the speaker function, turn on your phone/laptop’s Bluetooth function and search for the diffuser speaker (BT Speaker) by scanning the list of available Bluetooth devices.
2. Click the diffuser’s speaker name to connect.
3. Play your chosen audio as usual on your phone and adjust volume accordingly on your phone.

Plant Origins Functional Kit - Calm (4x10ml essential oils + 
Waterproof Travel Pouch | Promo Price RM99.90)

Finding a spot of calm amidst the thousand and one things on your to-do list can be tough, but that’s exactly what you need to keep your mental and physical wellbeing in check. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to spare for a full meditation or yoga session, Plant Origins Calm Functional Kit is here to help. With a quartet of grounding and balancing essential oils packed into a sleek, travel-friendly pouch made from cruelty-free and water-resistant vegan material, it’s perfect for carrying your very own oasis of calm with you wherever you go.
Diffuse them in your car to help you ride out the traffic jams, before an interview to soothe your nerves or even while you’re just unwinding in the comfort of your home, experience a relaxed alertness and give your mood a little boost with Plant Origins.

This kit includes:
PU Leather Pouch
Plant Origins Peace Of Mind Essential Oil Blend (10ml)
Plant Origins Lemongrass Essential Oil (10ml)
Plant Origins Palmarosa Essential Oil (10ml)
Plant Origins Rose Geranium Essential Oil (10ml)
In fact, Plant Origins functional kits has 4 varieties for us to choose from. From Sleep, Calm, Energise, Purify; they are the perfect kit for new aromatherapy users.
I like that Plant Origins essential oils are 100% pure, extracted from aromatic plant parts, do not contain any diluents, comes with natural medical and aroma-therapeutic properties. Just a drop or two it will uplift our moon and mind almost instantly.

Plant Origins Personal Care Travel Kit (4x30ml essential oils + Waterproof Pouch | Promo Price RM29.90)

Plant Origins Personal Care Travel Kit packs all the essentials you need to pamper yourself from head to toe no matter where you may be. Featuring a 4-piece set which comprises their best-selling Plant Origins Hair Shampoo, Conditioning Hair Mask, Body Wash and Hand Soap, it’s all you need for your next getaway or hotel staycation.
This kit includes:
Plant Origins Hair Shampoo (30ml)
Plant Origins Conditioning Hair Mask (30ml)
Plant Origins Body Wash (30ml)
Plant Origins Hand Soap (30ml)
Oh, as much as I love the Plant Origins Personal Care Travel Kit, I am happy to be giving away 3 sets of Plant Origins Personal Care Travel Kit to my followers on Instagram. You can check out my Instagram post here.
I am thankful to get Plant Origins Diffuser, Essential Oil & Personal Care for Better Sleep & Health before this MCO. They help me to relax & relieve stress and stay calm at home. With that, I am thankful I didn't turn into a monster mom with two monster kids at home.
The best part is, Plant Origins Diffuser, Essential Oil & Personal Care are really good in quality and affordable in price. Their starter kits starting from only RM139.90 (Sweet Dream & Spring Cleaning). Do check out more information at Plant Origins Website.

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