Delicious & Healthy Smoothie with BEKO Vacuum Blender

Staying at home for too long, I know I have to treat myself something nice to make me feel better. So, I decided to give myself a special treat of a cup of heathy and refreshing smoothie every day! I have spent a day to do some research on various type of blenders and I have finally decided to go for BEKO Vacuum Blender.
BEKO Vacuum Blender is made with innovative Vacuum Blending technology that removes the air inside the jug before blending, therefore it can retains all the nutrients of the greens or fruits. It eliminating any oxidation of the ingredients inside. As a result, a greater portion of vitamins and nutrients are preserved, and the juice stays fresher for longer.
Not only that, BEKO Vacuum Blender comes with various functions below;

Serrated stainless steel blades - It is so strong to tackles even the toughest ingredients like seeds, to crushes ice in no time.
Safety lock - The blender is equipped with safety lock to secure when blending.
Variable speed settings with pulse - It let us process the ingredients at the desired speed.
Anti-slip rubber pad - It stabilize the blender when in use so well.
1.5L Tritan jug capacity - The jug is so huge I can make smoothie for my whole family in just one time.
I like my smoothie made by BEKO Vacuum Blender. Not only the texture is consistent, smooth and fine; the smoothies has less foam and separation, retain their vivid colour over time. It was pleasing to drink.
It is easy and fast to make the smoothie. Just put all the ingredients into BEKO Vacuum Blender and blend it together till smooth! Not only that, it is very easy to clean too. BEKO Vacuum Blender is indeed the best blender I have ever used.
As the number 1 brand in the European free-standing white goods market and the second largest home appliances brand in Europe (Dec, 2017), Beko has been the fastest growing major home appliances brand in the overall European market since 2000. Hence, Beko is reliable and safe to use.

Last but not lease, let me share my apple smoothie recipe with you below.

Apple Smoothie

1 large apple, peeled and chopped
½ cup of milk
1/3 cup of vanilla/plain yogurt
1 teaspoon honey

Put all the ingredients into your blender and blend it together till smooth! Add a splash of milk if the smoothie is too thick for you. Enjoy right away!

Lastly, I would love to share some tricks to make delicious and healthy smoothie. First is to layering your ingredients to get better smoothie. Always put the liquid such as water or milk as the first ingredients into your blender, follow by soft food, then hard food/ice as the last ingredients in order for your blender to run smoothly.

Nest, start the blender on low speed, gradually increasing to higher speed, to make sure a vortex forms.

Give it a try and let me know your thought of it.

For more information about BEKO Vacuum Blender, visit Website | Facebook Page | Instagram.


Cik Min said...

Wahhh menarik nampaknya Beko vacuum blender ni ye. Senang nak buat smoothie n juice jugak.

Marina Bashah said...

Cantiknya blender dia. Nampak eskslusif sangat. Siap boleh blend ais. Hari hari boleh buat ice blend. Hehe

Kitkat Nelfei said...

Good to have a blender like this so that i can made my own smoothie at home... Since tengah survey blender, will check this out bah...

Sis Lin said...

Alamakkk you ni posting mengoda i laaa...dah le dekat nak 11.11 ni, mesti ada sale kann.. nampak senangnyaa nak buat kalau anak i nampak, mesti dia suruh beli gakk..

Nadia Johari said...

Betul duudk rumah kalau boleh nak minuman sihat.. Bagus ade beko vacuum blneder ni.. Hari2 dapat minum juice.. Hehehhe.. Macam best pulak

Cuppy Cake said...

This is my favorite kind of smoothie!
Easy to do, easy ingredients! But with Beko, I not yet try. And if I have a chance, I would love to.

Have fun with Beko!

Rolling Grace said...

this blender has a great design. it also looks super durable and can tahan lama

adianiez AIDA said...

ha ha ha i memang sedang mencari blender khas utk juice. kat rumah memang da ada 2 blender for 2 different functions. need another one utk buah because now dlm mood eat clean. looking forward utk byk makan sayur, buah, more water.
this beko sgt cantik la. nampak tahan lasak.
tq for sharing. will google for more info :)

Ummi said...

Oh nice. I'm looking for one. Would you believe it, I cook every day but I don't have a blender? What a pain when it comes time to chop onion and chili

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

Beko mmg brand yg cukup dikenali. Suka dengan pisau blend dia mmg kuat dan tahan lasak

shamiera osment said...

Wah I'm looking for one too! My kids love smoothie and this Beko blade looks great. Happy smoothing Rane!

Kak Su said...

Cool, I was looking for a smoothie blender. I used to have one but my mom used it to blend chilli hihi. Im going to check it out this smoothie blender. thanks for sharing

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Huda Halid said...

Great sharing about this product,so details and i want to grab one too for making smoothies for my family

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