Best Gift Idea 2020 - Plant Origins Holiday Gift Sets

The season of gifting is fast approaching. This time around, Plant Origins has introduced their Holiday Gift Sets which is the perfect gift for your family and friends.
Let me share with you some introduction about Plant Origins brand. Plant Origins personal care and household range products are made from natural and plant-based ingredients and components to ensure your skin gets the best of Mother Nature’s gifts. Plant Origins personal care items are formulated to be moisturising, hypoallergenic and with a pleasing natural fragrance that won’t irritate sensitive skin. Their products are also cruelty-free and never tested on animals because they strive to uphold their policy of only producing ethical products that are kind to your skin and Mother Nature.
Plant Origins Holiday Gift Sets comes with a beautiful sturdy gift box and items below;
Plant Origins Aromatherapy Portable Diffuser
Plant Origins Refresh & Reset Aromatherapy Room Spray
Plant Origins Clean The Air Essential Oil Blend
Plant Origins Uplift Charm Essential Oil Roller
Plant Origins Refresh & Reset Aroma Stone

Plant Origins Aromatherapy Portable Diffuser (70ml RM49.90)

Plant Origins Aromatherapy Portable Diffuser does the trick to get rid of dry air efficiently and effectively. Specially designed to be portable with its compact and minimalist cylindrical design, the aromatherapy diffuser is the perfect companion to bring along with you wherever you are, plus it’ll lend your space a touch of practical elegance.
Plug it into a laptop, phone charger, car phone charger or even a power bank and get an instant mist of refreshing fragrance no matter where you are. The atomizing particles help to neutralize dust, germs and other dirty air particles in the air, particularly when it’s hazy season.

Plant Origins Aromatherapy Portable Diffuser can produce mist for up to 3 hours on a full tank of water so fans of mist sprays for skin moisturizing will be able to enjoy the extra hydration the mist imparts to your skin and eyes. No more worries about having dry, itchy eyes, cracked lips or painfully dry skin. It has a LED lamp, which can also be used as the little night light.
It is easy to use, just add in water, then drop 2 to 3 drops of 100% natural essential oil into it, plug the adapter and switch on. It will gives you a SPA at home instantly.

Plant Origins Refresh & Reset Aromatherapy Room Spray (100ml RM59.90)

Fabric-friendly and travel-friendly, Plant Origins Refresh & Reset Aromatherapy Room Spray is made from natural essential oils that will set the mood for a day full of potential and promise. Rediscover your zest for life with Plant Origins Refresh & Reset Aromatherapy Room Spray today!

Plant Origins Clean The Air Essential Oil Blend (10ml RM50.90)

Airborne bacteria, pollution, flu bugs and nasty odours - getting a breath of fresh air seems harder than it used to be these days which is why they have formulated a new essential oil blend that targets all the nasties in the air! Introducing Plant Origins Clean The Air Essential Oil Blend, a powerful combo of 4 antibacterial essential oils that will help keep you and your loved ones safe. Eliminate harmful bacteria for a breath of fresh air with this reinvigorating antibacterial combo of tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus and lavender essential oil when you add it to your diffuser. As an added bonus, it acts as an insect repellent as well!

Plant Origins Uplift Charm Essential Oil Roller (10ml RM30)

Whether it’s a lucky charm, a mood lifter or your very own personal happy vibes potion that you need, Plant Origins Uplift Charm Essential Oil Roller is here to make heads turn and give you that extra skip in your step. A sparkling, cheerful scent comprising citrusy Pink Grapefruit, Lemon and spicy Bergamot with hints of sweet Lavender, it’s not just a fragrance - it’s the ultimate mood booster you never knew you needed! No matter your mood, this joyful bouquet of scents will soothe your worries away and help put that smile back on your face just like a rainbow after the rain.

Why should you opt for essential oil rollers instead of pure essential oils? Not only are essential oil rollers more convenient to carry around with you due to their small size and roll-on packaging, they are also pre-diluted and ready to use whenever you need a dose of aromatherapy healing. Bottled in UV protective amber glass to maintain a longer shelf life, Plant Origins Essential Oil Rollers are a safe and effective remedy for everyone to use.

Plant Origins Refresh & Reset Aroma Stone (1 unit RM56)
Plant Origins Aroma Stone is a clean, safe and effective way of vaporizing essential oils without the use of electricity or heat. Made from unglazed pottery stone, it’s a convenient way to spread the scent of your favourite essential oils wherever you are without needing a diffuser. Plant Origins Aroma Stone can be used in the car, office, bedroom, wardrobe and even in your handbag. It’s petite size and lightweight material makes it suitable for carrying it around with you wherever you go for a burst of reinvigorating fragrance throughout the day.

Plant Origins Holiday Gift Sets is your complete aromatherapy starter kit, and it is really affordable. The set is only selling at RM150 for member, it's the best gift idea for the coming festive season. So, logon to Signature Market and get yours now before it's out of stock!


CX said...

Cx suka produk² yang berasaskan kepada tumbuhan alami. Ianya lebih selamat digunakan dna dipercayai. Bila cx baca yang plant origins holiday gift sets ini tidak menggunakan haiwan sebagai uji kaji, ianya memang bagus sebab banyak uji kaji buat ke atas haiwan tapi manusia mana sama keadaannya kan?

Cx suka diffuser tu. Minimalist dan sgt membantu menyegarkan dan menenangkan ruang legar tempat kita beraktiviti.

Pilihan hadiah yang sgt bagus untuk kita bagi dekat yang tersayang. Harga pon berpatutan sangat

marsha said...

1st time heard about this brand. Notice it sell ad signature market too right? Love with natural product

Rawlins GLAM said...

I love the whole set, it made my room into a spa and relaxes me when I got back from work. The best thing is the price is very affordable.

Nina Mirza said...

Setuju... Memang sesuai set ini dijadikan hadiah. Harga pun berpatutan! Best laaa....
Kita tertarik kat oil roll tu.. Suka kecik comel masuk simpan jer dalam handbag.

Ummi said...

Oh cool! Now that we are spending most of our time at home, it's important to make it as pleasant-smelling as possible.

Mus said...

memang sangat menarik untuk dijadikan gift.. tengok harga pun masih mampu milik.. terbaiklah

Sunshine Kelly said...

I m using their aromatherapy set also, love the soothing scent very much.

dr-Life said...

I'm a fans of essential oil and have certain brand to go to. I have not try any of this. Maybe one day I should check this out

adianiez AIDA said...

yes agreed with u. this kind of gift is the best gift for someone.
natural. eo and diffuser are trending sejak akhir-akhir ni. because semua d aware that our environment byk terjejas hu hu u hu... so berada di rumah adalah lebih selamat dgn eo yg di diffused harum segenap sudut rumah.
this plant origins set harga pun affordable. tidak terlalu mahal. ok la...

i memang ada diffuser di rumah. 3. especially at night, time tgh tonton tv, diffused the eo. wow! nyaman rasanya :)

Sis Lin said...

Ehh i sukalah box gift macamtu, kalau nak bagi gift dah mudah siap macamtu, satu lagi pun bagus untuk kita ada satu kann..menaikkan aura kesegaran.. tak kira le bilik ke atau mana je.. Sis ada satu, tapi yang biasa-biasa jaaa..

Syiera Firdaus said...

Auwww masuk wishlist la macam ni. Menarik sangat set ni. Memang tengah cari disfuser pun.

Cik Puan Ena said...

Teringin nak ada set camni sebab terbau kat rumah jiran memang harum semerbak diri kat pintu je. Bagus untuk kesihatan jugak.

Ika.S said...

Nampak best set ni. Rasa macam nak ada 1 untuk diri sendiri pulak. Ohya, i love essential oil so much hehe.

Mawardi Yunus said...

menarik ni sis.kalau saya dapat as a gift pun saya suka. boleh buat aromatheraphy kt rumah kan.

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