Korea's Beauty Trends for Year 2020

2020 is set to see the current as well as new K-Beauty trends dominating the market. An emphasis on natural ingredients of high efficacy is set to be the skincare focus of the coming year. This is supported by the trend of environmental and health awareness with more consumers preferring cosmetics made from natural ingredients.
Another factor which sparks the demand for more natural cosmetics is also due to skin irritation which seems to be a common skin problem today. Skin irritation can be caused by a variety of factors such as pollution and harsh weather conditions, which can result in weakened skin barrier. In addressing the needs of consumers today, the use of natural botanical and plant-based ingredients will take precedence offering skin calming, skin relief, soothing and repairing functions, as well as tone up brightening and blemish care.
Studies have revealed that flowers promote various forms of skin health such as increasing skin immunity and reducing cell tiredness, among others. This is evident in products such as the Red Energy Serum that has the pomegranate flower and fruit in its formulation to help stimulate keratinocyte cells (skin cells), revitalizing exhausted skin, and bringing the skin back to its optimal condition.

Other floral inspired products such as the Mamonde Calendula Soothing Flower Lab Essence Mask harnesses the natural soothing properties of the Calendula flower to deliver a soothing sensation to the skin which reduces irritation and leaves the skin looking radiant. Other high performance natural ingredients that are trendy include Ceramides, Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10, Probiotics, Retinoids and Minerals. These are popular ingredients that we will see in the formulations of cosmetic products. Therefore, the Mamonde Ceramide range and Vitamin C in the Mamonde Vital Vitamin range are also set to gain popularity in the coming year.

On the upcoming makeup trends, K-Beauty lip trends such as “My Lips But Better” (MLBB) continue to maintain its popularity with not only muted rose tones and bold reds. Brown hued lip products that achieve a “burnt lip” effect is the latest trend for 2020. The trend started with the “dried rose” colour coupled with pinkish warm tone lip colours. That trend then evolved into orange/reddish warm tone colour with top Korean celebrities wearing those colours on magazine covers. Moving forward, the latest trend will incorporate not just rose, orange and red but also some brownish colours to create burnt colours. In terms of texture, matte liquid type products are still trendy but it is forecasted that more brands will be releasing creamier, glossier MLBB Lip Tints.

Multi coloured eyeshadow palettes are quickly gaining popularity due to their versatility and compact size. While collecting single shadows used to be the norm, the ease of having eyeshadows of multiple colours, textures and finishes encased in a single palette sees the popularity of palate makeup rising in 2020.

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