Shop Preloved Goods From Japan at Jalan Jalan Japan @ M3 Mall

I am a Jalan Jalan Japan supporter since it's first opened in November 2016 at One City Sky Park, USJ. As a avid environmentalist, I support buying preloved goods. As recycling is very important as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment. So, rather than throwing things away, why not buy the unwanted items at very special price.
Jalan Jalan Japan sourced their preloved goods from Bookoff Corporation Japan. Hence the preloved items from Japan are usually very new and in good condition.
However, their outlets at One City, 1 Shamelin and CenterPoint, Seremban are quite far for me. Hence, when I know that Jalan Jalan Japan is going to open their number four outlet at M3 Mall, Gombak, I literally jump over joy. Yay, Jalan Jalan Japan has an outlet near my place finally!
When they invited us bloggers to pay a special visit last Saturday, I did not hesitate and RSVP myself to the special guest shopper party. We reached there early on that Saturday morning. We have met many other exciting bloggers and friends of Jalan Jalan Japan. Some of them even came all the way from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Kajang and other places.
After enjoyed our lovely nasi lemak breakfast, we were given the priority to shop at the Jalan Jalan Japan M3 Mall outlet.
Just like other outlets, Jalan Jalan Japan M3 Mall outlet is huge, bright and display in neat. There are many clothing item for shoppers to choose from. Don't worry as all clothing item undergo a hot steaming process, cleaning them, and clothes emerge odorless and are ironed and prepared for shipment to the stores.
They are also CDs, DVDs, video games, apparels, children goods, toys, trading cards, household items, sports equipment, musical instruments, designer’s bags and watches. In Japan, product range includes mobile phones, furniture and electrical appliances. No wonder they are one of the world’s largest collections of ‘Preloved’ goods.
We have spent our time looked into toys on the special day. My haul at Jalan Jalan Japan @ M3 Mall included;

Solid wood folding ladder at RM 30
Variery of toys below;
Wooden block toys – RM 20
Wooden Jenga – RM 20
Brand New Takara Tomy crisis beard black super jumbo jump – RM 10
This is really a steal, the toy is totally new and never opened before! It is selling at USD 50 on ebay! 
Nice find!
Anpanman jumbo jump – RM 6
Wooden box - RM 10
Handheld paper shredder - RM 10

So many items costs me only slightly more than RM 100, can you believe it?!

I can't wait to go back for more now!

Jalan Jalan Japan @ M3 Mall will be open on Saturday, 18 May 2019 at 10am sharp.

Address: Level 2, M3 Shopping Mall, Gombak
Business hours: 10.00 am - 10.00 pm daily
Jalan Jalan Japan is open EVERYDAY including public holidays. 
Note: Multi-level Car parks are available at M3 Mall.

Jalan Jalan Japan prides itself in its ability to offer preloved goods at a fraction of the price when they are new. With a hundred ringgit, most shoppers will be able to take home a great big happy bundle of goods. Shopping at Jalan Jalan Japan can be a challenge as what you like is also what other like. Hence you will need to shop with some confidence!

For more information, visit their website | Facebook Page | Instagram Account.


Lily Shah said...

omg i've been seeing this since last time and i really wanna go but haven't had the chance! must make plans for this!

Tenshi Chn said...

I always wanted to gooooo. Omg, should really make time before all the good stuff get grabbed. 😂😂

Gaylen KaSai said...

Been there few times. Great place to find hidden treasures at affordable price

Mia Foo said...

this concept is so interesting! looks like a good place to find great deals!

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