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So, Bee Choo Origin Herbal contacted me awhile ago for review purposes a few months ago. Since I have not heard about it before, I did some research and found out that Bee Choo Origin Herbal is origin from Singapore, and it has been consistently rated as the best Herbal Hair Loss Treatment in Malaysia. They have many outlets located in almost every corner of Malaysia.
Since I am bothered by gray hair issues (thanks to my dad's gene), hence I decided to give it a try. I visited Bee Choo Origin Herbal outlet at Kepong twice over the last 2 months to try out the Herbal Hair Treatment.
The interior of Bee Choo Origin Herbal outlet is no different from traditional hair salon. The Kepong outlet has been existed for 10 years now.
The lady did a scalp analysis for me before the treatment started. Customers are able to ascertain how serious their dandruff/scalp issue is. Then, they started their simple 5 step treatment process on me.

Step 1: Scalp Scanning + Analysation
Step 2: Apply Ginger Hair Tonic on your Scalp + Scalp Massage
Step 3: Apply Olive Oil onto hair end
Step 4: Apply Herbal Cream to your scalp and hair
Step 5: Wash & Blow

Bee Choo Origin Herbal produce their all 100% natural herbs, safe & highly effective herbal hair treatment products. The natural colour of the herb carries a natural copper-coloured dye. This natural dye also plays the role of covering your white hair all the way to the roots! If you are looking for natural hair dye without chemicals, it is for you.
After doing the herbal hair treatment twice, I noticed that my scalp and hair become more healthy. Although the grey hair is still gaming strong but my split ends are not that serious anymore. However, the result lasted quite short period of time, as I need to color my grey hair now again after a month. Overall, the Herbal Hair Treatment at Bee Choo Origin Herbal was not too bad, and for the price ranging from RM 95 to 183 only, I guess you should give it a try.
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For more information on Bee Choo Origin Herbal, visit http://www.origin.com.my/

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