Beaconhouse Early Years' “Little Hands, Big Hearts” Charity Carnival

I was honoured to join Beaconhouse Early Years' “Little Hands, Big Hearts” Charity Carnival on a sunny Saturday 2 weeks ago. I believe that education should help children develop empathy for others and the ability to help people who are less fortunate than themselves. Hence, it is a good event where teachers kids, parents, family and friends gathered at Beaconhouse Sri Inai International School for a fun-filled day of activities and delicious food.
The “Little Hands, Big Hearts” Charity Carnival held in conjunction with Beaconhouse's family day is jointly organised by 8 of the Beaconhouse Malaysia Pre-schools across the Klang Valley. They took months in the making and all proceeds donated to University Malaya Medical Centre in benefit of treatment of child cancer and WWF Malaysia.
There were various activities held at the charity carnival including exciting performances by the students, fun and interactive game stalls, food stalls serving delicious local and International dishes, from nasi lemak, fried chicken, nyonya kuih to mac & cheese, there were many mouth-watering food at the carnival. Most excitingly, they had 3 rounds of lucky draws which rewarded the winners with children's scooters and bicycles. I did not won any prizes but my girl and I had a really good time there.
Commenting on the charity carnival, Mikel Liow, Senior Manager of Early Years Education, Beaconhouse, said, “It is through events such as today's Little Hands, Big Hearts Charity Carnival that we teach our students the vital importance of collaborating and contributing back to society and nature. We are truly proud of the effort all the young students, teachers and parents have contributed into making today's event a great success.”
“We are encouraged by the positive turnout and support from our Beaconhouse community of family and friends. I am sure today has been a fun-filled occasion for everyone and best all we are getting to positively contribute back to those in need whilst instilling an important lesson on charity,” he added.
In fact, the “Little Hands, Big Hearts” Charity Carnival is part of Beaconhouse Early Year's holistic learning calendar which emphasize learning and growth of students beyond the classroom in line with Beaconhouse's unique approach to lifelong learning.
The Beaconhouse Early Year system, comprises of 8 pre-schools in Klang Valley that adopt a play-based learning approach which places focus on active forms of learning, on enquiry, on discovery, and on first-hand experiences. Learnings are framed in terms of activity and experience rather than knowledge to be acquired and facts to be stored, creating a conductive learning environment for the young students to thrive in.
There’s no better way to instill a passion for charity than by giving students fundraising ideas – and that goes for students of all ages. Don't you agree?

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