VEST Phase 1 Module has Started

Last month I have shared about Varsity Entrepreneurship Skills and Talents (VEST) Program at my previous blog post here.

Time flies, after a round of selections, VEST is now entering phase 1 where 9 universities have started pitching their business ideas. The 9 universities are listed below;
University Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)
Universiti Sains Malaysia
Management & Science University (MSU)
University of Islam Malaysia
University of Malaya
University Kebangsaan Malaysia
Multimedia University
University Utara Malaysia

Let’s have a look at the VEST Phase 1 Module situations at respective universities.
Module at University Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)
Module at Universiti Sains Malaysia

Module at Management & Science University (MSU)
Module at UNIMAP
Module at University of Malaya
Module at University Kebangsaan Malaysia
Module at Multimedia University

Our sincere congratulations to all these 9 universities and students, their hard work pays off where they have started participated the VEST programme since April 2017 from the registration date. They are now competing to win the cash rizes worth RM50,000, can you guess who will be the winners?

VEST is a program organised by Strategi Lautan Biru Kebangsaan (NBOS) for Transformasi Nasional 2050 (TN50) of the aspiration of Negaraku, with the aim of promoting our university students to start up their own business, giving the entrepreneurship value to students, offering an opportunity to the students to expand their business idea in systematic and dynamic way, to promote the information of entrepreneur agency which will provide loan, training, marketing, infrastructure skills and also to create the working opportunity to different market sectors.

For more information on VEST, follow them closely on their sites below:


cindyrina said...

Reading Blue Ocean translate in Malay sound so weird to me. lol Good initiative!

SHINI LOLA | Your Guide to Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle said...

Hmmm...Look so serious here.

Iman Abdul Rahim said...

A ver good program for students. Thanks for sharing!

lovelybao123 said...

Good initiative! Is this only for public university?

Unknown said...

This is certainly an interesting opportunity train students to be entrepreneurs

Emily said...

This competition is keen and getting more exciting. May the best team win!

Sunshine Kelly said...

Start young and hope that there will be more successful entrepreneurs

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