Mama Wosh, The All-in-one Laundry and Dry Cleaning Provider

After becoming a full-time housewife for months now, I finally know there are so many house chores involved in running a household. One of the most difficult one would be laundry cleaning. Every day, I have to clean the kids shirts, hubby’s suits, and my shirts. On weekly basis, there are curtain and carpet cleaning. It is an exhausting and never ending task, how I wish to have a maid to help me out.
But hey, I have recently discovered an all-in-one laundry and dry cleaning provider - Mama Wosh that offer free pickup and delivery service in KL and PJ. Mama Wosh provides on demand and hassle free, all-in-one laundry and dry cleaning service.
How Mama Wosh works?
1.     Logon to
2.     Select to Pick Up Laundry, and fill in the details in the form
3.     Wait for the laundry pick up at your doorstep
4.     Clothes will be returned the next day (for normal wash and fold) or within 3 days for hand wash / dry cleaning.

It’s that easy! If you are not too sure about the process, they have an interactive customer service that would answer your quires in no time. It’s safe to leave your dirty laundry to Mama Wosh’s trained laundry angels and it is easy to made payments online. Customer could even select fast delivery from its express options available, isn’t that cool?

Mama Wosh and her busy cleaning angels are working 24/7. You can place an order 24h a day, 365 days a year. Their pickup & delivery angels are working from 8 am – 10 pm, on weekends from 9 am – 9 pm. You could use my Referral Code 'MWONREF0GFS9Vwhen register and try it out.

Check out the Mama Wosh’s coverage area here:

For more information on Mama Wosh, go to


Emily said...

Ah.. I desperately need such a service. When are they expanding to Ipoh??

cindyrina said...

Love that they do pick up. I hate do laundry.

Samantha (Vibrant Yogini) said...

We need more like this all over the world

Intern said...

Thanks for sharing such an informative work. Meanwhile, here’s also the laundry service you can visit too our website offering services in affordable prices. thankyou!

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