Fast & Furious February 13

One more day we’ll be saying bye bye to February 2013, time really flies huh. We’re going to step into the last month of Quarter 1 2013 very soon, honestly I can’t believe it!

In the past one month I had a very busy routine. Works, projects, Festive Day celebrations, friends gathering, makan makan, events, prenatal follow up, and many many more had keep me busy and always lack of sleep. I hope the busy routine like this could make me go through an easy normal delivery by next month or so tho. ;)

This post was just some memoir for this busy past month.
Yee Sang is a must have in CNY

Pun Choi is hit this CNY

Our usual family dinner on the 2nd day of CNY

A few friends facing flat tyres problems in this CNY

My blackie bang by someone at Jalan Kuching on the 13th day of CNY :( Blackie was really "Hak Zai" as the roft was dented and bonnet paint spoilt by the neighbour's fireworks on 9th day of CNY, and the front skirt spoilt by myself as bang into a big stone while parking my car on the same day.

I felt that this year CNY was more happening than last year, lions dance and choy san yeh everywhere


电音三太子 Chap Goh Meh, at the happening Petaling Street
Our main decoration for CNY 2013: Giant bubble fishes

Like the Lunasol SS 2013 collection much, will review very soon!

Brought her to Genting Highland before the CNY ended but we lose money in the Casino :(

JR and her best buddy QQ at Plan B Mid Valley for a dinner

JR and her cousin sister, cousin sister has grown up so much!

Visited traditional Chinese temple at KL, wishes JR healthy and behave good girl

Curled her hair on 2nd day of CNY

So happy to get Ang Pao liddat

First time visited Scott Garden, the place is quiet though

This CNY play buddy - CY Di Di

Visited Poco Homemade for lunch on the 7th day of CNY

I hope the rest of year 2013 would be busy and fruitful ones. How about you?


Sycookies said...

Yours is really amazing with lots of activities and happenings..both good and bad. My family don't quite celebrate cny, so to us is just getting to meet relatives and friend during the festive holidays. And endless loop of eat and sleep sequel. Sorry to hear about your car there...bad luck goes, good ones on the way. :)

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Thanks dear, yupe I am looking forward to the good luck ;)

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