Bella She Sparkles Getaway

Thanks to HELLO Magazine, my sister and I had the chance to participate the NTV 7 Bella She Sparkles Getaway on Sat, 19th Jan and Sun, 20th Jan 2013 that was held at Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Bella She Sparkles Getaway is a 2 days full day workshop, happening from 10 am till 6 pm. I heard that this is the first getaway organized by Bella team. It’s such an honored to be invited to this exclusive workshop.
On the first day itself, I didn’t know breakfast was provided and I had my breakfast before attended the workshop. We were welcome by NTV7 team at the very beginning.

Emilya welcome us with warm hearted.

I was happy to meet Mynn again, she was the emcee for the first day and she had done a good job.
The 1st session was the Fashion & Style presented by HELLO Magazine and Parkson.
Marini Ramlan was the speaker in this session, she has shared the latest fashion trend, all the don’ts and show me your style. From this session, we know how to shine from within as a woman.
You could check out Marini Ramlan’s website at
The first session finished at about 12pm, we then proceed to lunch break at Essence Restaurant. It’s a buffet lunch with variety of food and desserts.
Sis and I especially like the TWG tea and the coffee that they provided.
Session 2 was about Jewerly and its meaning. This session was presented by Ms Wendy Peak for Visiber.
Wendy is the Director of Visiber Asia. She taught us how to calculate and know your number.

We found this an Interesting topics and we wish to find out more and be dazzled.

Then we went for a Coffee break at Mezzanine floor, again there were plenty of choices and we were so full.
Session 3 was Premium Beautiful Corset presented by Hai-O. Dr. Aisyah Mohd shared that women needs to to bring out self-confidence to feel Blossom.
The last session for day 1 was presented by Revlon. The professional makeup artist, Lyana Dee, demostrated day and night makeup using Revlon’s cosmetics.
There were plenty choices of Revlon cosmetics with different colors and texture to suit each and everyone. Lyana Dee also shared the right way to put your make up on to look glossy and stunning.
I like the portrait that the professional photographer has taken and printed for each of us.
Day 1 goodie bags was distributed to us before we went home.
We had our breakfast at Mezzanine floor before the Day 2 Bella She Sparkles Getaway.
The morning started with Chi Fitness session. The instructor has guided us Yoga, it was sister’s first time doing Yoga, she enjoyed it however she felt a little bit dizzy after the exercise. Maybe she hasn’t exercise for a long time. Hence we didn’t eat much during the lunch break after that.
The second session was Health & Wellness presented by Hai-O. Mr SC Tang shared that from our food intake, we could achieve Inner Glow. He introduced Hai-O bamboo salt that is the essential item for human body.
After that, we had our coffee break. I found that the cookies are really nice, and it’s a perfect match with TWG Earl Gray tea. Yummy.
Once we were back from the tea break, we were presented the Entrepreneurship by My Creative. Mr Johan Ishak taught us to build up confidence amongst women to start up own business, as well as how to compete in the industry and business funding.

The last session was Self-Defense by Kementerian Wanita. Mr Airol Irwan Limin presented this in unique skills, both sis and I found this session very Interesting and funny. We like the Demo and what to do when…. Topics. From this session, we've learned to be Blossom.

The 2 days workshop ended with fun lucky draw session and closing remarks by the NTV7 team.

I was lucky to win the Revlon’s goodie bag in the lucky draw.
Day 2 goodie bags was given to us before everyone went back home with beautiful and sparkle away spirit.
Once again, thanks to NTV 7 Bella, HELLO magazine, Revlon, Hai-O, Chi Fitness, Parkson, Visiber, Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kementerian Wanita, My Creative, and times bookstore for sponsoring the Bella She Sparkles Getaway. I hope there will be more workshops like this to beneficial all women.

To have a feel good time with Bella NTV 7 online, you could follow their Twitter and Instagram at “@bellantv7”, facebook page at


missyblurkit said...

2 whole days of good fun and knowledge! Lovely experience indeed!

illy ariffin said...

looks fun :)

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

yupe I was really lucky to have joined the workshop. Lotsa activities and met a lot of new nice people there :)

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