BabyLove® Boasts the Largest Batch of Graduating Toddlers

On the 29th of December 2012 Megakidz Mid Valley Megamall was overwhelmed with giggles and laughter of little ones. This was brought on by a graduating batch of 200 toddlers aged between 12 to 36 months completing their BabyLove® Foundation in Roll and Crawl, Diploma in Grab and Match, Degree in Stand and Walk and finally their Masters in Jump and Reach.

The tasks were in line with toddlers moving on from tape diapers to pants diapers from BabyLove®.

In true graduation style, each toddler had their graduation shot taken looking dapper in their graduation hat, BabyLove®GrowPants, T-shirt and needless to say with a twinkle in their eyes.

Behind this exciting event there was a greater objective, to educate parents about the stages of growth that play a pivotal role in every toddler’s development.

“Parents are often not aware of the importance of developmental milestones, hence the reason we decided to take this initiative in creating awareness in a fun filled manner where parents and toddlers come together at our event and learn as they play” said Mr Foo Yoke Mun, GM of Disposable Soft Goods (M) Sdn Bhd (DSG).
BabyLove®GrowPants are a great way to engage your child at an early stage and enhance their motoring skills too. Pants diaper usage is still a fairly new trend in Malaysia but is fast gaining acceptance amongst the Malaysian parents especially with the introduction of BabyLove GrowPants, an affordable quality pants diaper. Thus, we hope to create awareness and increase the adoption rate of BabyLove® GrowPants amongst Malaysian parents. It is affordable, easy to wear, and a great day-to-day tool to improve the little one’s coordination skills,” adds Mr Foo.

By being a brand of pants diaper which supports toddler’s early physical development, BabyLove®GrowPants thrives to achieve these criteria such as boosting toddlers’ confidence levels, giving them a better and happier play time and most important of all, keeping them comfortable when using BabyLove® GrowPants. “Ideally, toddlers should start using pants diaper when they are learning how to stand and walk as the action of wearing pants diaper requires higher physical engagement from a toddler as compared to wearing tape diapers.” said Mr Foo. “Thus, by co-coordinating their legs into a pants diaper, they are unconsciously practicing their leg movements and balance, understanding from right to left and gain greater confidence to stand and start walking.”
BabyLove® GrowPants did not stop their crusade of spreading their cause after the graduation but recently held a string of events themed “I’ve Been Pants event” at selected supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide.
Parents of toddlers below the age of 4 were invited to swap one piece of their child’s open tape diaper for a bag of BabyLove® GrowPants diaper absolutely free! This campaign is targeted to reach 500 outlets and to help over 50,000 toddlers nationwide graduate from tape to pants diapers by June 2013.

To culminate and celebrate BabyLove’s recent graduating batch of toddlers, BabyLove threw an exclusive tea party at Fit For 2, Bangsar Village 2. Parents of the graduating toddlers were invited to share their experience, while guests were provided with an exciting glimpse of the graduation event highlighting some of the cool activities decked out for the toddlers.
Offering a deeper insight into the pertinence of the various developmental milestones in a toddler’s growth was Dr. Angeline Ang Swee Kim, Consultant Pediatrician from Arunamari Specialist Medical Center, Klang.
Her speech gave the audience key pointers on what parents should look out for and pay attention to when monitoring their development and the role of BabyLove® GrowPants in support of toddlers’ early physical development.
Development of a Baby

Developmental Stages

The event ended on a fun note with 10 toddlers strutting down the catwalk flaunting their BabyLove® GrowPants alongside their parents! Cute, aren't they?  ;)
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