Stay healthy with Yakult

Do you know how do I and my family maintain healthy and busy lifestyle? Let me tell you more in this post.

We have a busy lifestyle as both of us are working parents with a 3 year-old girl. My girl started her pre-school early this year and mixed around with a lot of friends and teachers almost everyday. She is then more exposed to bacteria and virus in the school. I found that most of the time we don't drink enough water due to the hectic schedule everyday too. But luckily we have found a way to stay healthy and avoid illness, that is, drink Yakult everyday.

Yakult is the cultured milk drink containg live good bacteria namely Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain. There will be at least 30 billion of this good bacteria in a bottle of 80ml Yakult. Yakult contains no colourings, preservatives, conditioner and stabilizer, and it is free from fat and cholesterol.

I have introduced Yakult to my girl's schoolmate's parents because their kids always fall sick. They have started given their children Yakult daily and we can see that the childrens' have improved a lot in their health after a month. They are now happy school children who attend to school everyday. I am happy that I have helped the children in improving their health. ^ ^

Me and my daugther prefer Yakult ACE but my husband prefers Yakult ACE LIGHT more which is less sugar. No matter it's Yakult ACE or Yakult ACE LIGHT, they are tasty as well as provide the same level of benefits and nutritients. This small little bottle of healthy drink has made our health better. Yakult is reasonably price and very easy to get, from hypermarket to grocery shop.

For more information, please visit Yakult Malaysia Facebook at and Yakult website at


Amy Stewart said...

Nice article you have here! Probiotics drink can help to regulate your digestive system and boost your immune system. Additionally, probiotics can treat common digestive problems, such as diarrhea, bloating and an upset stomach. I used to drink Yakult a probiotic milk, its a big help to my digestion problem.

Stepahnie said...

With the growing interest in probiotics, practicing dieticians need to understand how this “new” science will impact our field and patient treatment.

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