FABULOUSFINDS - Malaysia finally has our very own beauty box! Plus a Giveaway from Wai Yee aka Rane

Have you heard about Beauty Box before? Put simply, Subscribers of a Beauty box pay certain fees per month to receive a few deluxe beauty samples from high-end and niche brands. These beauty miniatures are lovingly packed in a luxurious box and couriered to addresses of the subscribers. Beauty Box has been very popular in overseas and I am Happy to tell you that we will be having our own Malaysian Beauty Box finally, yay!
Drum rolls.....Welcome FABULOUSFINDS, our very first Malaysian beauty box! FABULOUSFINDS hope each beauty box will be a fabulous find to their subscribers. It's a name FABULOUSFINDS aim to live up to, month after month, as they bring the best and latest beauty products to their subscribers.
FABULOUSFINDS is driven by passion, and they are truly passionate about two things: Beauty Products and the Community.
Passionate Consumers of Beauty Products
FABULOUSFINDS loves discovering the best beauty products out there, and delivering them to their subscribers. Given the plethora of brands and products in the market, they are passionate about finding the best and sharing them with their subscribers. These items may be skincare, bodycare ranges, nailcare, fragrances, cosmetics or haircare solutions.

Passionate about the Community
FABULOUSFINDS other passion is for the community. More specifically, they are passionate about women's causes and believe in helping other women who are in less fortunate circumstances. Each FABULOUSFINDS box is lovingly packed by women from disadvantage backgrounds (single mothers, widowers, etc) and the income FABULOUSFINDS provide from the packing goes towards supplementing their income to meet financial needs.
I had the privileges to witness the unveiling the very first FABULOUSFINDS boxes to bloggers yesterday. All thanks to the founder/CEO of FABULOUSFINDS, Hui Ling.

FABULOUSFINDS is in lovely pink packaging. When you open up the box, all the beauty items are securely placed inside the wrapping paper. There is a pink ribbon and a round sticker for you to untied to find out the surprises inside.

Inside the box, you will find FABULOUSFINDS card with the love notes from the founder as well as the details of each of the items.

As it is FABULOUSFINDS debut box, FABULOUSFINDS is pleased to reveal the contents of their box which comprise deluxe samples of the following items:
(i) Beaubelle: CLARITY brightening cleansing exfoliator

(ii) Beaubelle: GORGEOUS Multi Defence Protection Cream
(iii) Burt’s Bees: Cranberry & Promegranate Scrub

(iv) Burt’s Bees: Milk & Honey Body Lotion

(v) Burt’s Bees: Sensitive Daily Moisturising Cream
(vi) Benefit Cosmetics: The POREfessional
(vii) Crabtree & Evelyn: Iris Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy
(viii) Lunasol: Skin Fusing Powder Foundation
(ix) Shu Uemura: Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil

For subsequent boxes, the contents will be kept a surprise until it is shipped out.

For this FABULOUSFINDS 's debut July box, FABULOUSFINDS has only 180 boxes available for subscription to the public. So, what are you waiting for? Faster logon to FABULOUSFINDS website at www.fabulousfinds.com.my to purchase and subscript NOW!

The last date to purchase FABULOUSFINDS July box is 14th of July 2012, whilst the boxes are still available.

On the 15th of July 2012, the 180 boxes will be shipped out to FABULOUSFINDS subscribers.

FABULOUSFINDS has two types of subscription:
(i) Monthly

 RM35 per month, recurring payment

 Cancellable anytime with 30 days notice

(ii) Annual

 RM420 one time payment

 Receive 1 free box. i.e. 12 months + 1 free
Good things are best shared. FABULOUSFINDS also has gift options where FABULOUSFINDS boxes can be purchased for loved ones.

(i) 3-month subscription (RM105)

(ii) 6-month subscription (RM210)

(iii) 12-month subscription (RM420)

A special note will be included for the giftee in the FABULOUSFINDS boxes sent out.
I personally like this pink FABULOUSFINDS beauty box. The pink packaging is very adorable moreover all the products is great products from the brands that I trust. With just RM 35 per box and free shipping throughout Malaysia, I would definately subscribe the FABULOUSFINDS box to try the deluxe size samples, in the meantime also feedback to the community.

By all means, it's the Giveaway Now!
I will be buying one July 12 FABULOUSFINDS beauty box to my lovely readers. Getting Excited? Please refer below for the giveaway's t&c;
1) Must be WaiYee aka Rane's public follower.
2) Tell me why do you wish to win the FABULOUSFINDS beauty box by comment in this post with your follower ID and valid email address.
3) Spread the love - Shared about this giveaway on your blog/fb/twitter for additional entries. Let me know your shared link(s) in your comment as well so that I know.
4) The winner will be pick randomly by random.org
This giveaway is opened for those who has a valid mailing address in Malaysia only. It will be closed on Sunday, 8th July 2012 11.59 PM. The winner will be annouced on 10th July 2012 and must reply to me latest by 11th July.
Do take part and good luck to you all yeah! :)
Congratulations FABULOUSFINDS & Hui Ling!


elliecleffairy said...

I'm always jinxed at giveaways.... so here's just trying my luck. >.<

I want FabulousFinds beauty box because these days, I feel like an Ah Ma and needs to take good care of my body so that i wun grow old so fast!

elliecleffairy said...

Aiyaks.... forget to give my email add. >.< see... i say liao I very jinxed when comes to giveaways. Just delete the other comment.=.=

Here's my email: admin@cleffairy.com

I want FaboulousFinds because lately, I feel like I'm growing old very fast. Right now, I feel like an Ah Ma. I need it so that I can take care of myself and look younger again. =P

inspire bunny said...

I wish to win the FABULOUSFINDS beauty box because of course I'm beauty lover ^_^ This is actually the first time I heard and read this entry about FABULOUSFINDS beauty box. FABULOUSFINDS seems made me interested to try it especially skincare. I'm also subscribe their official FABULOUSFINDS website. Yeah, I wish to try FABULOUSFINDS for the first time =D

Blog: http://giftcikbunny.blogspot.com/2012/06/fabulousfinds-malaysia-finally-has-our.html

email: imafahima@yahoo.com

twitter: https://twitter.com/InspireBunny/status/217041419276271618

fb: https://www.facebook.com/inspirasi.fai


I wish to win the FABULOUSFINDS beauty box because I love trying out new vanity care from all the brands in town.At the same time, if the products are genuinely good, I usually would share it through my blog & Facebook which is full of great responses!

Jacinta Chong, jacyntacsy@yahoo.com.my

Unknown said...

I wish to win the FABULOUSFINDS beauty box because I'm a kiasu person. Anything that is FREE and can make me pretty I also want! HEhehe...

Cindy Tan, ctchtan@gmail.com

Ayna Jalal said...

I would love to get my hands on FabulousFinds beauty box because a little surprise in a pink box is definitely what I need to brighten up my gloomy day ^_~

Ayna Jalal said...

this is my email by the way :-


thank q for the lovely giveaway Rane ^^

Sunshine Kelly said...

wow! this is an AWESOME Fabulous Beauty Box!!! i am sure all the girls love to your Giveaway :-)

muacks! muacks!

Sunshine Kelly said...

wow! this is an AWESOME Fabulous Beauty Box!!! i am sure all the girls love to your Giveaway :-)

muacks! muacks!

Sherry Go Sharing said...

I wish to win the FABULOUSFINDS beauty box because I love beauty box, love the contain of beauty and skincare product. :D

I am follower sherrygo

My email : sherrygo@ymail.com

I blog and FB


syee said...

Because FABULOUSFINDS beauty box included lot famous beauty brand and i wish to have one.

Syee Yong

syee said...

Becasue FABULOUSFINDS beauty box contain lot healthy beauty brand, wish i can have one to fabulous myself

Follower ID : Syee Yong
Email : ysyee1014@hotmail.com

synical said...

I want to win the FABULOUSFINDS beauty box because I'm cheap like that :P


Oh, I also tweeted about the giveaway too: http://twitter.com/synical/status/217867747621740544

Mak Lin said...

I wish to win the FABULOUSFINDS beauty box because we are both BEAUTY and our HOTNESS melts like butter~ More so, should I bag this treat from you, I am again in happy high since I get to take a snippet of your whereabouts and style tips while getting an awesome,fabulous treat from FF<3

follower id: ciksuzlin

email: busymonkey07@gmail.com

FB shared:

Twitter shared:

Blog entry:

trendydiana said...

I wish to win the FABULOUSFINDS beauty box because those latest beauty products are the items which I keen to try before.
For me, it just like a magic box which you never know what is inside the box.

Diana, trendydiana@yahoo.com

Miss Chocolate said...

I want FaboulousFinds because i like product that good for my health & also have a blog & i will share to myfriend ;)

Ena Amir,ena9074@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that Malaysia finally has our very own beauty box!
I wish to win the FABULOUSFINDS beauty box because it's always nice to discover and try out new wonderful products first before falling in love with them. When I love them I will recommend and share them with everyone. Thanks.

GFC : Malvina Beatrice

Anonymous said...

I also tweeted

Tweet: http://twitter.com/Acciomalfoyz/status/218633712542302209

Malvina Beatrice

wany wonka said...

i wish to win the FABOULOUSFINDS beauty box because i want to try those latest beauty products :)

email : wanywonka@Yahoo.com

Tiffany Tai said...

I wish to win the FABULOUSFINDS beauty box because i like try all the beauty prodect in town before i buy the actual size ...Besides that, i also like to try the service and the quality of fabulousfinds before i subscrip the beauty box
follower ID: Tiffany Tai
email address: tai_fuichoon@yahoo.com

estherlai said...

I wish to win the FABULOUSFINDS beauty box because I'm a beauty junkie myself. The surprise of finding out what is in the box makes it all the more exciting as well!

id: estherlke
e-mail: estherlke@yahoo.com

twitter shared: https://twitter.com/estherlke/status/219807487308738560

estherlai said...

I wish to win the FABULOUSFINDS beauty box because I am a beauty junkie myself. The surprise of finding out what is in the box makes it all the more exciting as well!

id: estherlke

email: estherlke@yahoo.com

twitter shared: https://twitter.com/estherlke/status/219807487308738560

bebesmokey said...

I wish to win the FABULOUSFINDS beauty box because I enjoy trying new skincare products as to find the good quality one to improve/maintain/protect my delicate skin :)

Name: Charlotte Gan
Follower ID: bebesmokey
Twitter: @GanCharlotte
Facebook: Charlotte Gan

Charmaine Pua said...

OMG! So glad this concept is finally in Malaysia!

KIM 'S TEST AND SHARE DIARY(Chinese) said...

i wish to try this beauty box, as i am a test and share beauty lover and i love to get a surprise from mystery box =) hope i am the lucky one

name: kim tan
follower name : xiayuyan
facebook : tan kim

share at my fb timeline 05 july 2012 https://www.facebook.com/testandshare

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Thank you my dear followers for the response. The giveaway is closing in 2 days time. Good luck everyone. :)

Just JuLi said...

Wow! I wish to win this FABULOUSFINDS beauty box because I love surprises! It was really a pleasant surprise when it turned up in my mailbox! I never want to know what my presents are, but I love to try out a variety of beauty products.

Follower ID : juli1202
Email address : juli1202@hotmail.com

Twitted : https://twitter.com/hjl1202/status/221444435332960257

Jade Ooi said...

I want to win this FABULOUSFINDS beauty box because I love trying out new products

Follower Id: Jade Ooi
Email address: jiajia5792@hotmail.com

Spread the love : https://www.facebook.com/jade.ooi.5/posts/200562800071559

Chii said...

hi, new follower here! gosh, i want to win the giveaway! i want to win because i want to try. who knows i will be FF loyal subscribers!

my id: chii3094
my email: chii3094@gmail.com

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Dear Followers,

Thanks for your participant in this giveaway, winner will be choosen soon and announced by tomorrow! :)

Good luck,

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