Enhance Creative Play in Your Child This Holiday Season with HOT WHEELS

School holidays are always enjoyed by children and their parents alike. It is a time when families can take much deserved holidays together, engage in a variety of activities and simply share quality time with each other.

However, the holidays can also be a stressful period. While still at a young age, children are very physiologically active, and when this natural need is not met, boredom sets in, which can lead to restless tantrums and lack of motivation. The good news is that this can easily be avoided. Most child experts agree that allowing children to use their own creativity to fill their time will be giving a workout to their mental, emotional and social skills.

One valuable yet cost effective way of inspiring your child’s creativity and imagination this school holiday season is by encouraging play in a manner which is not only stimulating, but engaging and fun at the same time – with Hot Wheels.
More than 41 million adults around the world have grown up with Hot Wheels basic cars, and the brand still remains the most loved die-cast collection amongst both adult collectors and children alike.

Josephine Chan, Senior Brand Manager at Mattel said,”At first glance, Hot Wheels basic cars may seem quite simple to the observer, complemented by its affordable pricing. However, there is a great amount of detail that goes into the production of each individual car, from the actual design of the vehicles, to the materials and colours used in the vehicles, to ensure peak quality and optimum enjoyment to the children who play with them. Many people who began playing with Hot Wheels cars themselves are now still collecting these basic cars. To put it in a word, it’s simply phenomenal.”
Few factors which led to the immense popularity of these little wonders are the variety in which the cars are sold, their high level of detail and accuracy to the vehicles which they are modeled after, their unique wheel innovation which allows the cars to be fast with stunting capabilities, and the durability of the vehicles, which have made the Hot Wheels basic cars a popular collectors item around the world.

However, one key factor which most parents find a boon is the hours of uninterrupted creative play that the cars are able to provide kids. Through play of the Hot Wheels vehicles, children do not only have hours of fun, but are able to enhance their imagination and their minds while they are kept occupied playing with the vehicles. In a matter of minutes, an ordinary playroom can be transformed into a racetrack, a high-speed car chase scene from a movie or even a world where cars fly.
“Through creative play with Hot Wheels basic cars, children have demonstrated increased levels of independence, resourcefulness and competence, while enhancing their creativity as well,” continued Chan.
By playing with Hot Wheels vehicles, children also tend to associate themselves with other kids who play with Hot Wheels vehicles as well, exchanging tips and tricks of their vehicles, and swapping cars as well in the process, which in turn, promotes social skills amongst these children.
To complement the Hot Wheels basic cars, Mattel has introduced a variety of tracks on which children can race their vehicles on. These include the Hot Wheels Wall Track Starter Set, a wall-mounted track play system, designed and created by the experts at Mattel specially for Hot Wheels basic vehicles. It acts as a base system for a wide variety of other Hot Wheels Wall Tracks systems that can either be attached together to the starter set or hold on their own as separate racing platforms.

With the Hot Wheels Wall Track Starter set, children are able to experience track play from an entirely new perspective – at eye level – and enables them to bring stunts, speed, turns and tricks to new heights.
Until 30 June 2012, Mattel will be giving away a free Hot Wheels 5-car storage case, with every purchase of a Hot Wheels Wall Tracks set, so your children will be able to manage their Hot Wheels cars better, while enjoying the action on the Wall Tracks.

For a surefire way of providing countless hours of fun for your kids this holiday season, visit your nearest toy store today, to launch your child’s hidden potentials through play with Hot Wheels, and watch their creativity and imagination soar!

Hot Wheels basic cars are priced from RM7.50 each, and the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks sets start at RM89.90. For more information about Hot Wheels Basic Cars or Hot Wheels Wall Tracks, visit www.hotwheels.com or email SEA.HotWheels@Mattel.com for more information.

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