Kao Premium Beauty Care Roadshow + Asience Shine Therapy Review

Kao Malaysia will be having Premium Beauty Care Roadshow in Sungei Wang Plaza from 28 April till 2nd May, 10am to 10pm. They will be showing off live demos of their Latest Tokyo Hairstyle Collection as well. Participated brands including Liese, Biore and Asience. Please refer to the flyer below for more information. :)
I have also tried the newly launched Asience Shine Therapy shampoo and conditioner. It claims that It has the Enhanced Asian Beauty Essences plus Soybean, its ultra repairing formula is suitable for damaged, dull and brittle coloured, permed or rebonded hair. Your hair will regains its strength and shine, becoming resistant to breakage and split ends. The shampoo is much alike Tsubaki, silky smooth in texture and not foam type. And the conditioner is just normal, something like cream type but not rich. After washing it out, sadly it did not give me the result as claimed. Indeed my hair was dull after using it. I wonder is it working for the others but not for me? :(

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