Charles Worthington is in Watsons Malaysia

Here is another new hair care products for Malaysian to select from Watsons Malaysia - Charles Worthington.

Charles Worthington is one of London’s most prolific hairdressers attracting the sassiest celebrities from all corners of the globe to his four world-class salons in London which tend to tresses of 10,000 clients a month.

With over 20 years experience Charles has won numerous international awards. He is also the most sought after hairdresser for red carpets events worldwide namely the Golden Globe Awards and the Oscars Awards.

I have been given Charles Worthington Balancing Act Shampoo and Conditioner by Watsons Malaysia to try. And here is my review.

Charles Worthington Balancing Act Shampoo is clear in color and it does not gives you a lot of foam. However it does clean up my hair and scalp. My hair isn't that oily compare to other balancing shampoo that I had used before.

Charles Worthington Balancing Act conditioner is white and thick. It gives me instant smooth result and my hair looks more healthy after just one usage.

Basically I like the shampoo and conditioner quite a lot and recommend you to try. The price is reasonable and you could find it easily at Watsons store from 8th April 2011 onwards.

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