Hoyu Bigen Silk Touch Cream Color, Hoyu Leave-On Treatment Spray & Gel

Thanks Hoyu Malaysia for it's giveaways in February & March to it's Facebook Fans, I have got the Hoyu Bigen Silk Touch Cream Color, Hoyu Leave-On Treatment Spray & Hoyu Leave-On Treatment Gel for FREE yeah!

I have tried the products last weekend and would like to review it here.

Firstly is the Hoyu Bigen Silk Touch Cream Color - elegant mahogany code-6R. Unlike Liese bubble hair color, Hoyu Bigen Silk Touch Cream Color is a permanent hair color recommended for gray hair. It provides better coverage than Bubble hair color. With the use of the hair color kit, you wouldn't need to worry that the color is uneven for your hair. The cream is easily blended evenly using the brushes and comb it provided.

After the color is done in 25 minutes, one can wash and apply the packet of hair conditioner which comes with the box. After the hair is dry, it's time for some treatment.

Hoyu Leave-On Treatment Spray (Deep Moisture/ Extra Smooth) is a morning Essence for colored hair as anti color fade, use as a styling base and all-day protection and manageability.  Hoyu Leave-On Treatment Spray has very light smell which is very much different from Liese Juicy Shower with strong berry smell.

Hoyu Leave-On Treatment Gel (Deep Moisture/ Extra Smooth) is a night repair for colored hair and intensive care, leave hair silk smooth and supple, and prevents fading of hair color.

The best part of Hoyu products is, it's all Made in Japan. For me, it means quality assurance. ;-)  I am satisfied with the results as showing in my photo here. Wish Hoyu products will be beneficiary for you too.

For those who would like to purchase Hoyu products, you can easily find it at major drugstores. Have fun~

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Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Thanks legesilo and cewitail!

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