Auspicious CNY Offers by Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara

The year of the Rabbit is fast approaching, Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara is preparing to welcome diners with a variety of delightful Chinese New Year offers from 3 January until 5 February 2023. Guests are invited to share the festive joy with family and friends and enjoy a sumptuous feast of authentic Cantonese delicacies and auspicious dishes to usher in good fortune, excellent health, prosperity, luck, and happiness. Enjoy a wide selection of Wan Chun Ting’s Yee Sang and festive set menus, afternoon high tea served at Le Bar Cocktail & Stories and buffet lunch or dinner served at Kwee Zeen restaurant. For those who love an extra pampering treat during the festive season, Sofitel Spa brings you its ‘Red’ offer.
At Wan Chun Ting, Executive Chinese Chef Leong Weng Heng who comes with 32 years of experience specialising in Cantonese cuisine is set to turn the festive dining experience into a memorable one showcasing his delicate craftsmanship in every festive dish.

Wan Chun Ting

Chinese New Year auspicious set menu, available from 3 January to 5 February 2023

Prosperity set menu at RM258+ per person

Yee Sang with crispy fish skin and soft shell crab, braised dried scallop soup with sea treasure and crab meat | oven baked boneless chicken marinated with lemon grass | giant grouper stewed with yam and black mushrooms | braised sun dried oyster with bean curd sheet, black mushrooms and broccoli | stir fried baby nai pak topped with crispy enoki mushrooms | fragrant fried rice with waxed meat wrapped in lotus leaf | deep fried Chinese New Year cake with yam | chilled peach resin with longan and red dates | premium Chinese tea.

Fortune set menu at RM288+ per person

Yee Sang with crispy white bait fish | Norwegian salmon and cherry tomatoes | double boiled chicken soup with mini abalone | dried scallop, dried sliced sea whelk and cordycep flower | deep fried Soon Hock fish sliced with homemade ‘asam’ sauce | steamed village chicken served with homemade spicy sauce | wok fried spicy | Hokkaido scallops and served with rice crackers | braised sun dried oyster | black mushroom with bean puff and garden greens | fragrant fried rice and glutinous rice with waxed meat | steamed Chinese New Year cake coated with shredded coconut | almond cream with glutinous rice ball filled with black sesame paste | premium Chinese tea.

Wealth set menu at RM338+ per person

Yee Sang with baby abalone and Hokkaido scallops and snow pears | fish bone soup with fish maw and fresh shrimp wanton | steamed tiger grouper sliced with superior light soy sauce | steamed stuffed eight treasure chicken | wok fried spicy prawns served with Chinese twisted rolls | braised 10 head abalone with sun dried oyster | dried scallop and bean curd sheet with garden greens | fragrant fried rice with wax meat in Homemade spicy sauce | combination of duo Chinese New Year cake with yam | chilled snow’s nest with ginseng and ginkgo nuts | premium Chinese tea.

Chinese New Year Yee Sang delight, available from 3 January to 5 February 2023

- Vegetarian Yee Sang RM88+ (half portion) RM178+ (whole portion)

- Jelly fish Yee Sang RM98+ (half portion) RM188+ (whole portion)

- Deep fried soft shell crab Yee Sang RM108+ (half portion) RM218+ (whole portion)

- Yee Sang with crispy white bait fish, Norwegian salmon and cherry tomatoes RM138+ (half portion) RM238+ (whole portion)

- Crispy fish skin Yee Sang RM108+ (half portion) RM 218+ (whole portion)

- Scallop with snow pear Yee Sang (advance order) RM108+ (half portion) RM 218+ (whole portion) 

- 10 head abalones Yee Sang RM148+ (half portion) RM288+ (whole portion) Chinese New Year ala carte and Dim Sum dishes are also available during the festive period. Discounts are not applicable on black-out dates of 21 January to 23 January 2023. For dining reservations at Wan Chun Ting, please call 03 2720 6648 or email to

Kwee Zeen

Chinese New Year themed buffets offer a flavourful buffet spread highlighting a mixture of Chinese, local and international dishes. The festive buffet dinner will be available on 20 and 21 January 2023, and buffet brunch on 22 January 2023. Both buffets are priced at RM168+ (adult), RM84+ (children aged 7 to 11 years old). For dining reservations at Kwee Zeen, please call 03 2720 6608.

Le Bar Cocktail & Stories

Le Bar Cocktail & Stories serves a festive afternoon tea at RM158+ per set, ideal for two persons, available daily from 1 to 31 January 2023, from 2 p.m to 5 p.m. For dining reservations at Le Bar, please call 03 2720 6668.

Sofitel Spa

The Red offer will be available from 1 until 31 January 2023 and provides you in a relaxing 2-hour massage treatment followed by a body exfoliation and end with a mini facial at RM520 nett (regular price RM699 nett).

Advance reservation is required and treatment slots are subject to availability. For reservations, please contact Sofitel Spa at 03-2720 6696 or email to

All prices are subject to prevailing government tax unless stipulated as nett.

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