Rediscover The Vee by Teochew Kitchen Private Dining @ Sri Petaling

There are many diners who love to dine at the Teochew Kitchen in Sri Petaling for it's authentic Teochew cuisine since many years ago. This year, they revamped the restaurant to private dining experience with a new name - The Vee by Teochew. There are new items on the menu with some of their old fan favourite.
Located at No. 41 Jalan Radin Bagus, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, The Vee by Teochew Kitchen is just a few stores away from Eu Yan Sang retail store. Diners can park the car along the road or at the multi level parking which is not far away from the restaurant.
Once you walk into the restaurant, you will be greeted by cozy and clean interior. There is a gin bar which serve 66 types of gin and 1 Artic Blue Gin in The Vee by Teochew.
We have tried eight of their signature dishes, namely Fried Porridge, Signature Garlic Seared Black Promfret, Teochew Pineapple Prawns, Braised & Seared US Collar Ribs, Rice wine Choysum, Jou Jou Chicken, Salt Pepa Porky Skin, Kiamchye Croissant and Fresh Broiled Octopus with Superior Soy Sauce at The Vee by Teochew last week. Honestly speaking, they deserves a pat on the back for their Teochew fusion food with a unique twist.

Fried porridge
Fried porridge is like a porridge version of fried rice, full of 'wok hei' and is really tasty. Every spoonful was fragrant and flavourful. A must try if you come to The Vee by Teochew.

Signature Garlic Seared Black Pomfret
Black Pomfret deep fried into crispy outside and tender juicy flesh on the inside. Eat with their with their special soy sauce, so yummy!

Teochew Pineapple Prawns
We were impressed with this beautiful plate of pineapple prawns skewers. The prawns were deep fried and lightly glazed with special pineapple sauce. This crispy prawn is fresh, juicy and succulent, and pair with the juicy, chunky pineapple cubes are indeed a match made in heaven for seafood.

Braised & Seared US Pork Collar Ribs
The US Pork Collar Ribs was braised and seared till tender and fragrant. Pair with two fried ‘mantao’, pork lovers will surely love this dish.

Baby octopus cooked with Superior Broth
Fresh and cute size baby octopus is cooked to perfection. It comes with their special Teochew sauce and Teochew chili sauce. Best dish to pair with the alcohol.

Jou Jou Chicken
Our all time favourite - Jou Jou Chicken is stir fried chicken with apple cider sauce. Pan fried chicken with apple cider sauce are delicious and savory. Everyone completely fall in love with the crispy outside and tender inside chicken meat. This is another must order when you are here!

Salt Pepa Porky Skin
Salt pepa porky skin takes a long process in making from scratch. The chef takes days to making sure the pork skin is clean, boiled and deep fried. This hearty and crunchy bite size porky skin pairs reall well with Artic Blue Gin.

Kiamchye Croissant
Mini croissant stuffed with Kiamchye(salted vegetables). The Kiamchye tasted so good, not over salty yet sweet & crunchy. Pair with buttery croissant, hmm I can finish all of them by myself.

Rice wine Choysum
The choysum is cooked and infused with Chinese rice wine and sake. It
 offers a harmonious balance of fragrant and sweet vege accents, leaving you hooked from the first mouthful.
Diners can taste or purchase the Arctic Blue Gin which is only available at The Vee by Teochew Kitchen Private Dining @ Sri Petaling, KL. We for sure took the chance to try out this premium Gin from Finland when we were there. It was our first time trying the Finland gin and to our surprise, it is really smooth and good, thanks to the blueberries harvested from the forests of North-Karelia.
We recommend to drink this Arctic Blue Gin neat on the rocks, or you can add tonic and garnish with fresh blueberries to make it more refreshing. We also tried out the Arctic Blue Gin with fresh brew coffee, surprisingly it has enhanced the taste of the gin. Wow! We highly recommended Gin lover to try this exclusive Arctic Blue Gin when you are at The Vee by Teochew!
Say hi to Gavin from Arctic Blue Gin!

If you are not into gin, don't worry you can order their signature coffee and cakes as well. We love the Tiramisu cake here!
Overall, we loved everything at The Vee by Teochew Kitchen, the Private Dining Sri Petaling. With tasty and affordable Teochew fusion food, nice ambiance, with great gin bar! What more could we ask for? Come check out The Vee by Teochew Kitchen at Jalan Radin Bagus, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling and be amazed yourselves.

The Vee by Teochew Kitchen
Opening Hours: 11 am until 11pm Daily
Address: 41, Jalan Radin Bagus, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
Phone: 019-342 1021

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