MEERACLE Collaborate with Giant Skincare Company - COSMAX Korea

Congratulations to MEERACLE for the official collaboration with COSMAX KoreaCOSMAX is a giant skincare company and with recent new factory in Indonesia, it is able to research and develop more latest skincare products.
We are honoured to attend the Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony with Puan Meera Nordin, Creator of MEERACLE and Mr. Lee Kyung-Soo, Founder of COSMAX.
That said, we could look forward to more advance skincare products by MEERACLE in the coming future. As the pride of Malaysia homegrown skincare brand, MEERACLE has launched the new MEERACLE BRIGHTENING BOOSTER AMPOULE that contains 12% niacinamide which helps build proteins in the skin and offers protection against environmental damage. After using the ampoule for just 3 days, skin appears brighter and more even-toned.
"Today is a meaningful day for MEERACLE because we have entered the International market, and we have fulfilled one of the company's goal to promote our products in Asia more aggressively this year" said Marketing and Communication executive of MEERACLE, Bella Luna during the glamourous launch event at Metal Bees Production House on 31 March 2022.

"Today we also witnessed the successful launch of our latest product, MEERACLE BRIGHTENING BOOSTER AMPOULE which is the result of R&D with COSMAX and MEERACLE team" continued by Bella Luna.
In fact, COSMAX is a well known company that produce skincare products for famous company in the USA and Korea.
In year 2020, COSMAX has became the No.1 skincare production in the World and achieved USD2 billion with more than 2.73 billion of products.
With the close collaboration, MEERACLE BRIGHTENING BOOSTER AMPOULE is born and is now available from their agents in Malaysia and online at Shopee now.

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