OGAWA Malaysia Entering The New Year with Grand Reopening of Smart Retail Concept Store

Heading into the new year indicates the opportunity for businesses to rebuild themselves to cater to the needs of the current audience. Armed with knowledge of past experiences, OGAWA Malaysia is expanding from their current store initiative to provide an entirely new in-store experience at OGAWA Concept Store in Mid Valley Megamall, introducing a hybrid of smart technology and an enhanced retail lifestyle experience to make the in-store experience more compelling to Malaysians.
Under this new concept, the store will offer the ultimate selection of technology, innovation, global living, and experiential offerings that suit the target audience of the modern century. From the aesthetic of the store’s interior to an enhanced brand identity of the logo, OGAWA Concept Store marks another chapter of transformation that integrates both smart living and physical retail experience that delivers immersive “Smart Living” in an effortless way.
Datuk Lim Mee Ling, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of OGAWA Malaysia shared that deep consideration were given to each and every detailed element of the store and brand, which in turn will translate into a more comfortable, smarter and healthier shopping environment for their customers.

“We are thrilled to introduce to our customers the latest iteration of OGAWA’s in-store experience. As an internationally renowned Health and Wellness brand with a fast-growing presence on a global scale, the upgrading of our existing outlet through innovative design and concept will elevate our customers’ experience when looking for high quality massagers and wellness technologies.”
The design of the store is narrated with a hybrid of smart technology and a retail lifestyle experience, utilising rose gold and white as the primary colours paired with muted hues of timber grains to achieve a well-balanced and harmonious spatial design language. The use of a guiding stream of light beaming across the space highlights the quality of the products and naturally soften edges at corners of the walls - seamlessly connecting the various spatial zones and directing customers into an immersive retail environment. A circular fixture is designed with three levels of display heights to feature the smaller products, allowing customers to instantly browse and encourages direct interaction with the products. OGAWA’s logo was also given a refresh from its recognisable green hue to a sophisticated white - reflecting OGAWA’s resolution to bring wellness to all globally.
“After careful consideration and research, we came up with a new interior design and concept that signify modernity and innovation - key elements that convey our mission and orientation as the leading global innovator of wellness, while remaining true to our reputation of constantly innovating wellness technologies and products to improve the lifestyle of people all over the world, for both today as well as tomorrow.

“We want our customers to enjoy a pleasant, advanced and healthy life when they are in the comfort of their own home, yet also effortlessly integrating with the smart lifestyle that (nearly) every Malaysian household is embodying. As such, instead of the usual retail concept, we create a comfortable yet futuristic environment where the moment they step into our outlet, it will feel like home.”
An upgraded customer service can also be expected when visiting this store, where an exclusive VVIP area is specially dedicated for their long-supporting customers. Customers are also able to experience OGAWA’s flagship product, the Master Drive AI 2.0 built with up to 5,184 massage combinations to provide vast health solutions, featuring advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) including face recognition, Health Tracker and Scanner™, and AI-Powered Automated Analyst that uses algorithms to gather and manage data to customise your very own massage chair with a programmed list of recommended solutions that precisely targets your problem area.
In conjunction with the Grand Reopening, OGAWA will be offering an exclusive Christmas sale where customers can enjoy up to 50% off, with a 0% plan up to 68 months, only available at OGAWA outlets.
For more information of OGAWA Concept Store or latest updates, please visit https://www.ogawaworld.net/


Cik Min said...

Tahniah Ogawa atas pembukaan outlet terbaru! I memang suka guna Ogawa, Ogawa kat rumah di dah buruk dah so boleh la tukar baru hehe

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

tahniahhh ogawa atas pembukaan outlet teebaru... boleh terjah nanti klu dtg sana

Aerill Hassan said...

tahniah ogawa! produk dan jenama ogawa memang terbaik dan dipercayai dari dulu sehingga sekarang :)

Rawlins GLAM said...

Congratulations Ogawa on the new outlet opening. For many more outlets to open in Malaysia. Chaiyok!

Sunshine Kelly said...

Congrats to Ogawa Malaysia on the reopening of the concept store in Mid Valley.

Sis Lin said...

i wish, one day i nak beli juga kursi urut Ogawa ni. senangnya kalau husband balik penat, then boleh rest atas kursi ni.. tak kisahlah kan design mana..

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