HaruPlate Brings Local Feels To Healthy Kids Meals

Parents often can’t wait to share their favourite dishes with the little ones, but unfortunately, not all local dishes are created with kids in mind. To help parents easily whip up healthy yummy meals that still burst with familiar local flavours for the kids, HaruPlate is launching in Malaysia with MY HaruPlate Masak-Masak Bundle.

This limited edition cooking kit features a trio of HaruPlate’s bestsellers - the legendary Tomato Sambal, crowd-favourite Sweet & Sour Sauce, and classic Pumpkin & Corn Curry - all-natural cooking sauces made from 11 different kinds of whole fruits and vegetables, with no added salt, sugar, or artificial preservatives.
Inspired by local and regional cuisine, the sauces can be used to easily prepare kid-friendly versions of Malaysian favourites like mee goreng, nasi lemak, ‘chilli’ pan mee, and even satay!

Known to satisfy the fussiest of eaters up to 12 years old, these little kitchen helpers were also formulated under the guidance and approval of HaruPlate’s Dietetics Advisor, Clinical Dietitian Jaclyn Reutens. To further ensure best-in-class standards in food manufacturing and safety, the magic happens in ISO- and Halal-certified facilities under license by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA).
Co-Founder of Singapore-based HaruPlate, Chen Shiqin, shared, “We’ve always dreamed of designing kids’ meals that attract, excite, and engage children, delivering an experience that feeds all the senses while ensuring that core nutrition needs are met - HaruPlate has made this dream a reality.”
“After gaining the trust and support of fellow mums in Singapore, we felt ready to share our creations with mum neighbours in Malaysia. We are excited by the possibilities, considering our close ties and Malaysia’s rich and vibrant food culture!

“HaruPlate's mission is to bring Asian flavours that suit the local palette to kids' meals. Like the kitchen elves you’ve never had, our cooking sauces are designed to be easy to use while fulfilling the nutritional needs for toddlers of the modern Asian parent. This alleviates busy parents' stress over cooking and nutrition, making makan times healthy, but yummy!”, she added.
As an added touch to help families play more during mealtimes, the team’s designers came up with a bespoke silicone HaruPlaymat illustrated exclusively for the Malaysian launch.

In addition to bringing alive HaruPlate’s philosophy of Feeding The Senses, the HaruPlaymat also hopes to alleviate screen time exposure during mealtimes, an issue that has seen increased impact during the pandemic.

What’s in the MY HaruPlate Masak-Masak bundle
  • Tomato Sambal
  • Sweet & Sour Sauce
  • Pumpkin & Corn Curry
  • HaruPlaymat - Malaysia Exclusive Edition

MY HaruPlate Masak-Masak Bundle is available from 11.11 onwards at haruplate.com/haruplatemy, Lazada and Shopee.

Launch Promotion Price: RM95.80
Retail Price: RM118.80

Follow @haruplate.my and search #MYHaruPlate for more inspired recipes.

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