Grand Opening of LuLu Grocer at Amerin Mall

Good news to people at Belakong and Seri Kembangan! The 4th LuLu outlet is opened at Amerin Mall, Seri Kembangan now!
LuLu Grocer has 31 thousand square feet with big session of grocery, hot food, fresh food and many other items that you need. Just like the other LuLu, the outlet is clean and huge for shoppers to enjoy their shopping safely and comfortably. No wonder everyone likes to shop at LuLu.
In fact, LuLu Grocer is easy to access from SILK highway hence it's fast reachable from Serdang, Cheras or even Kajang area.
In conjunction with the grand opening of the first LuLu Grocer at Amerin Mall, shoppers can enjoy incredible deals only from 25 to 27 October 2021 there. As a smart shopper, how would I miss out such promotion, right. Hence I have visited LuLu Grocer at Amerin Mall early morning today and I had enjoyed my shopping there a lot.
Amongst all the Super-Duper promotion, there are;

Fresh whole chicken RM6.95/KG
Saga super rice RM8.99 for 5KG
Milo Activ-Go 1KG FOC 100g RM13.49
Top 3.6kg/4kg RM15.99
Fuji Apple (New Zealand) RM4.99/KG
Mango susu/susu gold RM4.99/KG
Big prawn RM25.99/KG
Grade C egg 30pcs RM8.99
Fresh From Oven Baguette RM1
Naturel Sunflower/Canola Oil 3KG RM22.90
Joy dish washer 375ml RM2.60
Ikon rice cooker 1L RM37.50
Aren't the price amazing?! I like that we can buy our daily essential comfortably, fast and cheap at LuLu Grocer.
Don't miss out these incredible promotion at LuLu Grocer, Amerin Mall now. See you there.
For more information, visit;
LuLu's Website:
LuLu's Facebook Page:
LuLu's Instagram Account:


Cik Fafa said...

Lulu price always cheapers than others mall and supermarket

Fadima Mooneira said...

Wow!!!!!!!!! meriah nyer susasana di Lulu Grocer. I haven't been to any Lulu Grocer outlet yet. I only shop at AEON or Tesco. I think I shout try Lulu Grocer one day. Thank you for sharing your write-up with me. Good post.

Leezarewritten said...

i think lulu is one of the best supermarkets in Malaysia now. Susun atur menarik, clean. and i think if i shop here i am the most happier customer.

Rawlins GLAM said...

I was there too. At first I thought I only wanted a few things but I ended up with more things coz the offers are incredible.

Aerill Hassan said...

Wahh, dah buka dekat seri kembangan. Bolehlah pergi nanti. kalau tak selalu shopping dekat the mines je, kali ni bolehlah pgi amerin mall pulak. :)

Sunshine Kelly said...

Yaeh! I also like to shop there, so many deals and things to buy on that day.

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