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Everyone wants to have good, smooth and clear skin, be it men and women. In fact, taking care of our skin is more than just about boosting self-confidence, it’s a practice of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and complete skincare routine. Do you agree?
Today I am going to share a Malaysia brand that I have recently came across. Founded by the beautiful Pn Lydia Rosli in 2020, Serene Beaute has launched numerous beauty products for us to use and stay beautiful. Be it skin care, body care and even supplement, Serene Beaute has it all for us.
I am honoured to have meet the founder of Serene Beaute, Pn Lydia Rosli via a zoom meeting lately. She is a very inspiring person and is positive towards life. She has came through a lot in her life, hence I can't wait to try the products myself and hopefully one day I will be a successful woman just like her.
Let's look into some of Serene Beaute's products that I have tried.

Serene 5 in 1 Whitening Skincare Set (5 in 1 | RM120)

Infused with natural ingredients, Serene 5 in 1 Whitening Skincare Set has everything that we need for our skincare regime. From facial soap, vitamin serum, daily cream, nightly cream and Aloe Vera cream, all packed in the gorgeous red colored box.
To use, just follow the simple steps below:

Day time:
1. Clean skin with Facial Soap.
2. Apply Vitamin Serum to restore skin.
3. Apply Daily Cream to moisturise skin.

Night time:
1. Clean skin with Facial Soap.
2. Apply Vitamin Serum to improves skin texture & collagen.
3. Apply Nightly Cream to moisturise skin.
4. Top with Aloe Vera Cream to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Follow the steps for a healthy, form and radiant skin in days.

Serene Whitening Hand & Body Lotion Set (2 in 1 | RM120)
Serene Whitening Hand & Body Lotion Set makes our skin soft and fair in no time.

To use, just scrub the Extra Whitening Booster on damp skin after bath, then apply Whitening Lotion.

Use 2 times a week to maintain your beautiful, soft and fair skin.

Serene Darky Body Soap (RM40)
Serene Darky Body Soap contains Cocoa extract to softens and brightens the skin while reducing the appearance of dark spots.

Serene Hygiene Hand Protector (50ml x 3 bottles | RM25)
Serene Hygience Hand Protector is everyday must have to effectively kills 99% of germs. The texture is non sticky, rinse free and drying quick.
Besides all these products, Serene Beaute also has acne skincare set for acne skin, as well as XS White supplement for us to stay beautiful inside out.

The best part is, Serene Beaute's products are affordable, suitable for all skin type and approved by KKM.
Not only that, Serene Beaute has a 7 days money-back guarantee that customers can get a full refund from Serene Beaute if you’re not satisfied with the results within 7 days. * T&C applied.

Serene Beaute is opens for Agent & Dropship. Kindly WhatsApp Admin at +6-011-11006065 for more information.

Serene Beaute Website :


Rawlins GLAM said...

I am using the Set Jerawat and my skin is loving the Coconut Oil Soap. I love the creams too - effective on my skin

marsha said...

Nampak ketara perbezaan tu. Lulus KKM dah tak risau nak mencuba. Ianya memang selamat digunakan.

Ruby said...

Ohhh jenama Serene ni ada pelbagai set. Nampak ramai review juga. Bagus betul ada kepelbagaian mengikut keadaan kulit.

Sis Lin said...

Bagusnyaa.. memang kesannya cepat dan paling bagus bahan dalam produk tu organic.. ingat nak try jugalah sebab ramai feddback kata bagus.. nak juga cantik macam Pn Lydia tu..

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

coconut oil soap tu nampak menarik.. nati boleh try beli..jom support produk lokal

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