Nurturing Young Champions in MILO® Champions Clinic

MILO®, the leader in grassroots sports development for 70 years, is taking its ongoing effort to fuel the passion for sports among children to greater heights with the launch of MILO® Champions Clinic: E-Coaching. This latest initiative is part of MILO®’s wider ambition of cultivating an active lifestyle for all Malaysians under the MILO® Aktif Negaraku movement by providing a platform for and improving access to sports.
MILO Champions Clinic: E-Coaching launch. (From left) Kerwin Lim, Sports Marketing Manager – MILO®, Chiew Chun Yong (futsal), Yoong Sze Yuin (basketball), and Daphne Ng (badminton), Coaches of MILO® Champions Clinic E-Coaching and Rashid Sidek, Guest Coach (Badminton) of MILO® Champions Clinic E-Coaching.

MILO® Champions Clinic: E-Coaching is an extension of MILO® Champions Clinic, a beginner’s sports training programme developed specifically for children 7 to 12 years to stay active and nurture their passion for sports. Using online technology to achieve a wider reach, it is breaking down geographical boundaries to take MILO® Champions Clinic to even more places, bringing the benefits of sports to many more children, families and communities.
“Our belief that sport is a great teacher continues to propel our efforts to break new grounds in helping children gain access to the goodness of sports. Given recent developments, there is an even greater need for us to make sports accessible through MILO® Champions Clinic: E-Coaching so that not only the children can stay active while staying safe, they can also learn values such as grit, determination, perseverance, and the spirit of never giving up that only sports can teach to help them go further during these challenging times,” said Kerwin Lim, Sports Marketing Manager – MILO®, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad.
Complementing the existing on-ground MILO® Champions Clinic, MILO® Champions Clinic Online: E-Coaching keeps its focus on three sports that are most ideal for at-home and online training, namely badminton, futsal and basketball.

It is bringing back many of its features albeit via online channels, most notably the world-class training courtesy of national coaches who developed the training modules. Returning to coach the children are Daphne Ng (badminton), Chiew Chun Yong (futsal) and Yoong Sze Yuin (basketball). Badminton legend Rashid Sidek, former national women’s basketball team captain Nur Izzati Yaakob and national footballer and rising star, Nik Akif Syahiran will each make a special appearance in one of the online coaching sessions.
The online features encourage parents to be more involved and play a more proactive role in their child’s learning, while at the same time, ensure quality engagement, affordability and, above all, safety for the children.
MILO® Champions Clinic: E-Coaching offers 5 weeks of at-home training, where each week, the children will learn basic skills by watching a video first, followed by an online group coaching session with the coaches. During this session, the coaches will engage the children and check on their progress to ensure that they are picking up the right techniques.
I had enrolled my girls in badminton training at the last MILO® Champions Clinic: E-coaching sessions. Over the 5 weekly e-coaching sessions via video conferencing, they had learnt how to play badminton with the training from Coach Alyssa, albeit virtually, at home during this difficult time. Not only that, the children have had the chance to learn the basic skills through the modules in video format released every week.
MILO Champions Clinic: E-Coaching is one of the many ways with which children can stay active and learn sports, safely, during this school holiday season under the MILO Aktif Negaraku movement. Logon to for more details.

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