Easy Weight Loss with QUEENZ Mango XSliim Slimming Juice

Ladies, don’t we all strive to get the best body figure to fit in those beautiful dresses and flaunt it. I used to have a slim body until I stopped working in the office due to the pandemic. Staying at home most of the time, sitting on the couch and eating a lot of snacks throughout the day has made my weight increase tremendously for the past 1 year.

I have been unmotivated to dress up because of my weight and the ugly tummy. Not only that, I became lazy to exercise too hence I know it’s time for me to lose weight for the sake of good looking as well as to be more healthy.
Recently, I have tried out the New QUEENZ Mango XSliim Slimming Juice, a botanical beverage mix mango & peach powder with garcinia cambogia and aloe vera extract. Established in March 2020, QUEENZ brand aim to help more people solve the problem of obesity. When there is no time to exercise, you can avoid the torment of dieting and enjoy the thinness of the two brand founders. In order to help more people find happiness, the QUEENZ brand brings the best quality to everyone at the most common price.
Proudly made in Malaysia, QUEENZ’s flagship product - Mango XSliim Slimming Juice is certified with KKM, SGS lab and Singapore SAC Lab Test, and manufactured in ISO 9001 and HACCP registered company. QUEENZ XSliim Mango Juice is available for sale in both Malaysia and Singapore now.

QUEENZ Mango XSliim Slimming Juice contains a variety of precious ingredients. the main function is to break down and dissolve our body fat, enhance the body's metabolism, so that we can achieve the effect of weight loss without exercise. In addition, XSliim can effectively help suppress appetite, increase satiety, and reduce calorie intake.
In addition to the above slimming effects, Mango XSliim also has detoxification and conditioning effects. It can help to reduce three high main stages, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar, improve gastrointestinal function, increase intestinal motility to cure constipation. In addition, Mango XSliim can also help detoxify the liver, prevent arteriosclerosis, anti-free radicals, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, and achieve the effect of beautifying skin.

Mango XSliim is all natural ingredients made and does not contain any weight-loss banned ingredients. Therefore, even breastfeeding mothers after delivering or overweight children who need to lose weight can consume with confidence.

The main ingredients in producing this product includes:-

Mango Extract
Contains "Leptin", "Leptin" is a protein hormone newly discovered in white adipose tissue. It is used to regulate fat storage and speed up the metabolism of organisms, Suppress appetite and control weight. Reduce appetite and promote the use of fat Thanks, achieve the effect of weight loss and appetite control.

Konjac is rich in soluble plant fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and reduce harmful substances The retention time of the substance in the gastrointestinal and gallbladder, effectively protect the gastric mucosa, clean the stomach wall, Prevent constipation and reduce intestinal fat absorption. Konjac can swell 50 to 50 after absorbing water 100 times, super water absorption and not being digested and absorbed by the body, easy Create a sense of security and increase satiety, which can help reduce overeating And heat. Konjac is rich in glucomannan, which is fully demonstrated by the medical community to inhibit Cholesterol, lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, dilating blood vessels, preventing arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular vessels Systemic diseases have the effect of prolonging life.

Corn Fiber
Soluble corn fiber can regulate the intestines, inhibit blood sugar rise, and lower blood sugar Cholesterol and help balance blood lipid levels. And it can combine water and bile, Increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, and make the large intestine move and promote excretion.

Peach extract
Rich in fiber, pectin and other ingredients are good for food Decompose, promote intestinal digestion, strengthen intestinal peristalsis Movement and waste discharge.

Garcinia Cambogia
Suppress appetite, accelerate fat burning, Prevent fat production, especially belly fat.

Produced from natural fruits and grains, It has good taste, high sweetness and low glycemic index. It is a healthy sugar that is not easy to cause high blood sugar, and is not easy to produce fat accumulation and gain weight.

Effectively suppress appetite to reduce food intake, Achieve slimming effect.

Promote lipolysis and convert fat into energy, therefore Speed ​​up fat consumption and break down accumulated fat. in case You consume 10g of fat when you do a certain exercise. After carnitine, do the same exercise for the same length and intensity Will consume 15g of fat, increase exercise weight loss efficiency and speed.

Vitamin C
Effectively help anti-oxidation, anti-free radicals, long-term It can also bring whitening effect.

Tea extract
Can effectively stimulate fat oxidation and improve metabolism, It is particularly effective to eliminate fat on the waist.

Aloe extract
The function of detoxification and weight loss, on the one hand, can excrete the liver Toxic, on the other hand, it can lower blood sugar and improve the stomach Discharge the waste accumulated in the body and reduce weight.

A box of QUEENZ Mango XSliim Slimming Juice contains 15 sachets (15g each) for 2 weeks usage. To drink, just mix with 180ml water and stir well. Take 1 sachet in the morning before meals.
I like the refreshing taste of QUEENZ Mango XSliim Slimming Juice. After drinking it, I poop more often than usual.
After a week, I can feel that my body becomes lighter and more energetic. After consuming a box of QUEENZ Mango XSliim Slimming Juice for 2 weeks now, I feel better and my weight has been reduced too! I am happy with my figure now, and I can wear my favourite dresses again!
Before: 60kg!
After: 57.1kg  :)

QUEENZ Mango XSliim Slimming Juice
helps me to feel more full throughout the day. Hence I have lesser cravings for heavy meals. In the long run, it also helps to improve metabolism, lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar level. It improves gut health so our body becomes better to remove toxins from within. It is indeed an easy way for everyone to lose weight.
Most importantly, I like that I can still enjoy what I love to eat while drinking QUEENZ Mango XSliim Slimming Juice. It helps me to lose weight without needing to sacrifice my diet. I can’t wait to continue my weight loss journey with more QUEENZ Mango XSliim Slimming Juice.

Buying Platform @ Website: https://queenz.asia/Product/ProductDetail?idn=1

15 DAYS PACKAGE @ RM166.00 (1 Box)
60 DAYS PACKAGE @ RM599.00 (4 Boxes)
90 DAYS PACKAGE @ RM804.00 (6 Boxes)

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