UNIQLO to Launch Gundam Model 40th Anniversary UT Collection

Calling all Gundam lovers, UNIQLO, the Japanese global apparel retailer, will launch the Gundam Model 40th Anniversary UT collection in May 2020, at all UNIQLO stores in Malaysia and through the uniqlo.com/my online store.
This collaboration with UT celebrates the 40th anniversary of the launch of plastic models of figures from the Mobile Suit Gundam series. The models, known as “Gunpla”, a portmanteau of Gundam Plastic Model, are beloved by fans across generations. An original video was released on the UNIQLO website ahead of the highly anticipated launch. The video introduces the Gunpla UT lineup alongside scenes of Gunpla models being manufactured.
The Gundam Model 40th Anniversary UT collection features an assortment of popular Gundam plastic model motifs from across the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, including RX-78-2 Gundam, Nu Gundam, Zeta Gundam, and Strike Freedom Gundam.
The collection includes designs unique to UT, such as a print of the Earth Federation Space Force engraved on the mobile suits, and a design using the injection molding runner from the first Gundam. The lineup is sure to delight fans who are immediately excited by scenes from the series.
Overview of Gundam Model 40th Anniversary UT

Launch date: May 2020
Items: MEN’s T-shirts 8 items RM59.90
Store availability: All UNIQLO stores nationwide, and the uniqlo.com/my online store

Novelty items: Customers who purchase two Gunpla UT items will receive an original Gundam plastic model as a gift.
* The terms of distribution are different for purchases made through the online store. See the website for details.
* Supplies are limited. Promotion ends when stock is depleted.
Customers who purchase two Gunpla UT items will receive one of two original Gundam plastic models—Gundam and Zaku plastic models with bodies in UNIQLO’s red and white colors, accented with black for a striking impact. The entire product design is a UNIQLO UT-original limited edition, from the instruction manual to the packaging.
For more information, visit;
UNIQLO Merchandise information site - https://www.uniqlo.com/my/store/campaign/ut-collections.html
UT Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/uniqlo.ut/
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