Let's Picnic at Home with AMBROSIAL 安慕希

So, Malaysia government has announced the extension of MCO until 12 May 2020.
It's OK, let's stay home and have a perfect indoor picnic! The girls love this idea a lot especially when the picnic comes with their favourite AMBROSIAL - a Greek-style yoghurt that doesn’t contain any preservatives, or artificial colourings.
AMBROSIAL yoghurt contains Probiotics, a “good” bacteria to improve gut health and soften stools. It is available in 6 flavors, from original to fruity strawberry.
We first tried AMBROSIAL when we were travelling to Shanghai a few years back. We felt in love with it immediately for it's rich, smooth and creamy texture and the natural, not too sweet taste. It is very good for constipation too as it helps me a lot during travelling. Hence, I have brought back a carton to home that time and let my kids tried.
Not surprisingly, my kids love AMBROSIAL like I do. The carton finished in a week time, and we hope to buy it here in Malaysia. We are so happy that AMBROSIAL is now officially launched in Malaysia.
The best part is, it is HALAL certified so everyone can enjoy it! You’re in good hands when it comes to rich and creamy Greek-style yoghurt.
Have you tried AMBROSIAL before? Let me know your favourite flavors.

Good news! You can buy it online from Shopee and enjoy 19% DISCOUNT with my code 'AMBRRN20A' now. Don't miss this limited time promotion ok!

For more information about AMBROSIAL, visit their Facebook Fans Page | Facebook Page | Instagram.


Ruby said...

Wah bestnyaaa. Suka tengok rumah ada ruang piknik. Enjoy okay. Bonding time with kids.

Sariah Awang Senik said...

Habiskan masa bersama anak-anak tersayang memang masa yang paling menyeronokkan. Lagipun masa mereka kecil hanya sekali sahaja.

Sunshine Kelly said...

My first time trying this yogurt was when i was in Beijing for some work, like the taste.

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