New! Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS Skincare Range

A radiant and even-toned complexion is every woman’s dream and Eucerin now offers a safe, gentle and effective solution that diminishes dark spots in only 4 weeks! Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS is a breakthrough skincare range with the active agent Thiamidol™ that came from rigorous testing as well as intensive research and development at the Eucerin Skin Science Lab.
Dark spots are caused by the overproduction of melanin, which is commonly triggered by sun exposure, aging and hormonal changes among others. In the past, the most effective solution for removal of dark spots have been chemical peels or laser treatments. Now, Eucerin UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS offers a gentler approach that is just as effective but with long term benefits.
“For over 100 years, Eucerin has built a strong reputation for providing safe and effective skincare solutions. Today, we are proud to introduce Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS, a range that has taken us over 10 years to develop. This breakthrough formula contains our patented active ingredient, Thiamidol™ which is proven to be the most effective out of 50,0000 compounds tested in the Eucerin Skin Science Lab, successfully diminishing dark spots in 4 weeks while remaining gentle on the skin,” said Ng Hock Guan, Country Manager of Beiersdorf Malaysia.

* Thiamidol™ is tested and proven to be 10x more powerful than B-resorcinol

To demonstrate the efficacy of the active ingredient, Thiamidol™, two pairs of twins, Avril and Cathrine Koh and Felicia and Fyrone Lee, were selected to put Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS to the test. From each pair, Avril and Felicia were selected to use Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS while Cathrine and Fyrone underwent laser treatment.
At the end of the 4 weeks, both women who used Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS reported significant improvements, with dark spots dramatically reduced and fairer, more glowing skin.
Felicia said, “I wanted a more glowing complexion, and Eucerin UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS really lived up to its promise. I’ve already received compliments about my glowing skin. I felt the Double Booster Serum really made a difference in helping to even out my skin tone. Best of all, I love how moisturised my skin feels and looks now.”

Avril, who also used Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS, said, “I’ve always been bothered by dark spots. Apart from the Double Booster Serum I was really happy with the Spot Corrector to target the trouble areas. This regime really worked wonders! Since I started using it, my dark spots were almost gone and my skin has a lovely glow.”
Their testimonials reinforce what early users experienced, such as Petra Mayer who flew in from Germany to share her dramatic transformation. Petra had been troubled by dark spots which severely affected her confidence but after only 4 weeks using Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS, she experienced significant improvements. Watch her full testimony here.
Also present was Dr Tan Wooi Chiang, a consultant dermatologist who explained how Thiamidol™ works. “Anyone can get dark spots, and Thiamidol™ works to reduce melanin right at its source by inhibiting the production of Tyrosinase. It’s also well-tested to effectively diminish dark spots safely and gently,” said Dr Tan. “As the tests have shown, a skincare regime containing Thiamidol™ shows results in as little as two weeks and continued use helps prevent further dark spots from forming.”

Introducing NEW Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS with Thiamidol™

All Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS products contain Thiamidol™. For optimal efficacy use regularly as part of a skincare regime*:

Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS Double Booster Serum (RM189, 30ml) uses an innovative two-chamber system. The first contains patented Thiamidol™, 10x more effective in diminishing dark spots, and the second contains concentrated Hyaluronic Acid, with molecules specially formulated to be 40x smaller for better penetration. In clinical testing, this dual-formula product delivered significant improvements on reducing dark spots and roughness while increasing radiance.

Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS Day Fluid (RM123, 50ml)
offers Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 30 to protect against UV rays that trigger melanin production.

Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS Night Fluid (RM159, 50ml) supports skin cell renewal overnight with Dexpanthenol.

Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS Spot Corrector (RM109, 5ml) allows application to specific areas for more targeted treatment of dark spots.

Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS Body Lotion, (RM42.45, 250ml) for soft, radiant skin all over.

* A maximum of four applications of Thiamidol™-containing products can be applied per day.

For fairer skin in 4 weeks, try Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS, the new breakthrough range to diminish dark spots without laser treatment, while remaining gentle on skin.

Join the Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS Challenge by posting your before and after photos on social media now. To enter, simply #EucerinUltraWHITESPOTLESSChallenge and #diminishdarkspotswithoutlaser. For more details, visit the Eucerin Malaysia Facebook page.

Available at all pharmacies nationwide; for more information about the entire Eucerin® UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS skincare range, log on to or

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