Clean Your Home Freely with Beko Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuuming is a dreaded household chore, do you agree with me? Traditionally, it entails hauling heavy machinery around the home while searching for long-forgotten power outlets. It was indeed a tiring and timely matter every week. I was looking for an easy and more convenient solution, and my friend introduced me cordless vacuum cleaner. I quickly look into it in the hope of replacing my conventional vacuum cleaner.
There are quite a number of cordless vacuum cleaner brands available in our market. When I was researching at an electrical shop, a salesman introduced me Beko brand. Apparently Beko is number 1 brand in the European free-standing white goods market and the second largest home appliances brand in Europe (Dec, 2017). It has been the fastest growing major home appliances brand in the overall European market since 2000. Beko is the international home appliance brand of Arçelik and a Premium Partner of FC Barcelona.
Known as a brand that respects the globe and is respected globally, their principle is “being a partner of our consumers in their daily life needs”. Beko is efficient in manufacturing products that are environmentally friendly and eco-award-winning which streamlines with this philosophy. As the “Official Partner of the Everyday”, Beko has always and will continue to ensure that customers benefit from their products by making and offering products which will make life easier with a perfect service approach.
With that, Beko gives me a very good impression and confidence. Hence, I have chosen the Beko Cordless Vacuum cleaner that comes with the specifications below;
  • Rechargeable battery – this is awesome, all I need to do was just plug in the cable to charge when necessary.

  • Power indicator with light – I like this user-friendly design as it reminds me the power left before the next recharge.
  • Soft touch handle – the soft touch handle is nice to grab.
  • Wide-mouth design with automatic surface adjustment feature – this design allows me to clean every corner of my house easily and effectively, regardless on a carpet or hard floors.
  • High performance output.
  • Powerful turbo roll – cleaning has never been so fast before.
I like that Beko Cordless Vacuum Cleaners has an ergonomic design with a fold-down handle, it is easy to store while also saving the space for storage.
The portable vacuum is ideal to clean all the corners in my home. The vacuum cleaner is slim and easy to manoeuvre around my furniture, under the table and reach those long-forgotten nooks and corners. With the LED light feature, dust is easily spotted and cleaned right away. It is quick to charge the rechargeable battery, it will last long enough on a single charge to tackle most homes. Comes with an visible battery indicator, it made one always ready to get cleaning. The wide-mouth design adapts to difference floor surfaces easily.
Most importantly, there’s no need to bend my back any further hence there's no more back pains and sores after cleaning the house with Beko Cordless Vacuum Cleaners.
It is indeed the best cordless vacuum cleaner that I have ever tried. Try it to believe it yourself.

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