[Review] Cosmetic Lens from Barbie Eyesland

As a person facing laptop everyday, I have Short sight and it leads to blurred distance vision since I was teenager. And as a person that is into beauty, I have been wearing contact lenses for many many years now.

I have tried many brands over the years. And I fell in love with cosmetic lens for the recent years. Reason is simple, they are pretty to wear and my eyes look bigger with it instantly.

Recently I have came across a new brand to me, Barbie Eyesland. I decided to give it a try because their website did attracted me.

I have chosen Oh My Pearl CHOCO 14mm from Barbie Eyesland. The delivery was quite prompt, and the parcel arrived in good condition.
The contact lens from Barbie Eyesland comes in glass bottle. I found it rather difficult to open compared with my usual brand that is using foil cover.

I wore it for quite a long day. Honestly, it was not comfortable to wear for long hours. My eyes were dry after 4 hours of wearing the lenses.
More disappointingly, one of the lens spoil and torn after just one time wear. I thought it was for a monthly wear but apparently it just gone after one time wearing. I have left the feedback on their website (as asked by their email) but no one has bother about it until now. Since it's to wear on my eyes for long hours, I have not wear the contact lens anymore after that. I hope they will improve the quality of their lenses in the future anyway.
Me wearing Oh My Pearl CHOCO 14mm from Barbie Eyesland

For more information, visit https://www.barbieeyesland.my/

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