[Review] Body Massage + Algae Wrap Treatment at Beauty & Co

My skin was dry, dehydrated and uncomfortable after all the CNY celebrations. It was really irritated that I lost count of the sleepless day and night. So, I decided to treat myself a pampering body spa treatments to relax my body and nourish my skin.
I visited my trusted beauty salon - Beauty & Co at 1 Utama 2 weeks ago to check out their body treatments. They offers a few body treatments and I have chosen Body Massage + Algae Wrap and Heat Treatment that day.

I chosen Algae Wrap Treatment because Beauty & Co's Algae from France has 99% extracts of micronized Algae, and it is so precious that Algae only grow 1mm per year. 
According to them, Algae Wrap and Heat body treatment is a world class body detox treatment using these micronized algae which contains 93 types of bioavailable nutrients to help body detox effectively! The Micronized Algae delivers minerals in concentrated form, it helps to condition, hydrates, soften and detoxify skin while replenishing essential vitamin and minerals. While Heat blanket will then be added to increase metabolic rate, enhance fat burn and expand clogged capillaries to flush out toxin.
Algae Wrap and Heat body treatment gives 3 benefits below;

1. Micronised Algae will stimulate lymphatic system to enhance toxin elimination.
2. Algae hydrates and moisturizes to improve skin texture.
3. Increase fat metabolism with infra red heat blanket.

The massage started with 3 deep breathe with their essential oil, and then the masseur started massage my leg, body, shoulder and head. I like how the masseur massage my body, and she will check if everything is OK, or needed extra pressure on and off.
An hour pass-by really fast, I was then ready for the Algae Wrap and Heat body treatment. The therapist prepared a bowl of Algae mask and asked me to stand up for her to apply the Algae mask all over my body. The mask was hot at first and it will turned cold after applied on my body. Once she covered my whole body with the Algae mask, she wrapped me in a plastic sheet, covered with a hot blanket and left to relax.
I personally love heat treatments a lot, as well as hot blanket treatment. As the body temperature rises, I felt more relax and fell into sleep quickly. As I sweat, the beneficial properties of the Algae are released, and absorbed, through the pores and into body. After an hour, the Algae Wrap and Heat body treatment was done and I was led to the washroom to unwrap and shower.
My whole body felt refresh and so much lighter after the body massage + Algae Wrap and Heat body treatment at Beauty and Co. Not only that, my skin felt so much softer and looking younger. In a long run, it will help to promote weight loss and rid the body of toxins.

I like how Beauty & Co's friendly and helpful staff did the treatments for me. I would recommend it to all of us.

They have 7 other outlets in the Klang Valley, visit their website https://www.beautynco.com.my/about.php for more information on the location and treatments.

You just need to PM/ DM Beauty&Co Facebook and Instagram with my code ‘RanechinAlgae38’ to redeem Algae Wrap First Trial @RM38 at any of the 8 Beauty & Co outlets.

Beauty & Co 1 Utama
S117E, Second Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Bandar Utama City Centre, 1,
Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel : +60377317911
HP : +60103664760
Email : oneutama@beautynco.com.my

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