[Review] Dr Glamogenic Enliven Brightening Cream

Welcome to 2019! This New Year, I have discovered a brand that is new to me - Dr Glamogenic. Dr Glamogenic is created and formulated by the Doctors who have over 30 years’ experience in the skincare and beauty treatment sector. Made with the natural and highest quality ingredients from Australia, the products are kind to your skin as well as the environment.
Dr Glamogenic has a range of products from skincare to body care. This time, I have given
Dr Glamogenic Enliven Brightening Cream a try. This highly concentrated whitening cream will transform the skin tone to more even and radiant. I know that some people have stopped wearing sleeveless dresses and tops because of dark armpits, and some people stopped wearing short skirt to to knees and elbows appear darker than usual? Have you stopped wearing sleeveless. Dr Glamogenic Enliven Brightening Cream is the perfect solution, as it gets rid of dark spots and pigmentation in just a few weeks.
Made with natural ingredients and essential oils, this brightening cream heals the skin internally, while keeping it well moisturized. Unlike similar products that tend to soak up the natural oils of the skin, this product causes no underlying damage.
I have been applying Dr Glamogenic Enliven Brightening Cream on the dark spots on my hand, and I can see immediate result. I like the refreshing scent of the cream, and the fast absorption of it. It leaves my skin nourished and glowing.
In the long run, it will help evens out the skin tone and texture, while ensuring the spots lighten and fade away.
In fact, Dr Glamogenic Enliven Brightening Cream works on scars and blemishes too. How amazing isn't it?

How to Use Dr Glamogenic Enliven Brightening Cream?

Apply the brightening cream on your concern area once in the morning and once before going to bed at night.
Besides, they also have products below to offer:

For Body

Youth Restoring Modeling Shaping Cream (Swelling care cream for body helping to make a smooth body silhouette while improving elasticity of the skin.)
For Face

Hyaluronic Booster Serum (Highly effective moisturizing serum for sensitive/tired skin improves skin texture and make it healthy.) 

Antioxidant Vit C+ Serum (Highly-concentrated serum that contains stabilized vitamin C derivative helps revitalize tired skin and brighten dull skin tone.)

Perfection Whitening Spot Serum (suitable for lighten dark spot / Freckles )

Brassica Peeling Gel ( works like a scrub )

Dynamic Brightening Mask

Vitalize Soothing Mask

Dr Glamogenic is distributed by Qurlivka Southeast Asia ( Malaysia ) Sdn Bhd.
Address: Level 16, The Pavilion Tower , Jalan Raja Chulan ,
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +603 - 61519198
website : www.glamogenic.com

To order with their Dealer, visit their Facebook pages at @glamogenic official and @glamogenic

Or you can visit Glamogenic kiosk at Vintage Collection International Sdn Bhd Address: PC-001, Ground Floor, Sunway Giza Mall. (same level with Village grocer / opposite Tea Live)
Open time: 10am–10pm
Customer service line: 012 691 6128

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Rawlins GLAM said...

Good for scars? I need this as I have so many scars from when I was younger - it will certainly help to boost one's confidence when the scars are gone.

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