Growing Olive Goodness with Stone & Grove

Calling all tea lovers, now we have a new choice of olive leaf tea blends. Thanks to Nano Xan Sdn Bhd, the exclusive importer and distributor for Stone & Grove in Malaysia for bringing us Malaysians a fusion of a HEALTHY CUP OF TEA and a PREFEERED LIFESTYLE CHOICE.
The grand launch of Stone & Grove was held on a lovely noon at Mamanda, TPC Kuala Lumpur. Celebrities and media were invited to witness the moment and to be the first few to try out the Olive tea.
“We’re experienced when it comes to olives. Our job is to share that with people who aren’t. And make the introduction with our expertise and enthusiasm,” says Mr. Andrew Burgess, Business Development Manager, Boundary Bend Wellness during the launch.

"We’ve known about the benefits of olives for centuries. So, we thought it was time to put the kettle on. Stone & Grove is the latest brand from Boundary Bend Wellness, a subsidiary of Boundary Bend Limited, Australia’s biggest olive farmers and owners of Australia's leading Extra Virgin Olive Oil Brand Red Island. So, you could say we know a thing or two about olives and their goodness." 
Mr. Andrew Burgess continued.
There is a range of six brand new olive leaf tea blends from Stone & Grove. Something the team has been working on for a while. They include a traditional Olive Leaf Tea, an Olive Leaf and Green Tea Sencha blend, Energy, Immunity, Women’s Health, and Detox - perfect for this time of year (after indulging in too much food and beverage). Our preference is the Detox and Women's Health.
Stone & Grove isn’t just another Instagram tea. Made using fresh leaves from their estate grown olive trees in North-West Victoria, picked and handcrafted from tree to tea in 12 hours, and is specifically designed to promote general wellbeing. Now, not everyone may know what antioxidants actually do, but they can safely say they do good, and these teas contain a lot of potent antioxidants that are anti free radicals and anti 3pm-itis. To us, Stone & Grove's tea taste refreshing and pure.

“We’re thrilled to have crafted a premium tea range with the health and healing benefits of
potent olive antioxidants to help people be their best, ” 
Mr. Andrew Burgess continued.

We could keep going on about the benefits and using big antioxidant words like Oleuropein and Hydroxytyrosol, but it’s best to see and drink for yourself.

The wait is finally over! Stone and Grove olive leaf teas, will be available in a variety of
quality supermarkets, organic shops, and pharmacies through December and onwards,
commencing with De Market supermarket and Lu Lu Hypermarket to name a few and
coming soon Village Grocer, Bens Independent Grocer and BMS Organics. Stone and
Grove will also be available for purchase online.

The special offer retail price of RM39.00 per canister of 16 tea bags is available together with wonderful free giveaways such as Stone and Grove sports Thermos (when purchasing 6 canisters).
So, where does “Stone & Grove” come from? Nanoxan Sdn Bhd apart from being the
exclusive distributor for Stone & Grove; are also exclusive for, “Red Island” Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Australia, which was launched 4 years ago and has become a success
story of quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, not only in Malaysia but around the world. “Stone and
Grove Olive Leaf Teas come from the same olive groves as “Red Island” Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It’s where the goodness grows. All 1.3 million of them.

For more information 
and promotion on their selection of specialty teas, gifts and accessories, like their Facebook page

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