Relaunch of Huggies® Ultra: Pure and Natural Comfort

“Pure and Natural Comfort” is the theme of Kimberly-Clark’s new and improved Huggies® Ultra Diaper. As organisers of a play date with celebrity parents and their bundle of joy, Huggies® converted The Saujana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur into a boisterous nursery for a day as they announced their new, innovative and improved product.
The joyous occasion was in full swing when Managing Director of Kimberly-Clark Malaysia and Singapore, Mr. Nathan Kandapper delivered a light hearted official speech. It was further explained by Ms. Hamidah Helmei, Brand Trade Manager of Huggies®: “Huggies® Ultra is the new clinically proven diaper with natural protection for your baby’s delicate skin. It is not just a diaper; it is a premium diaper, now improved with added natural Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and chamomile extracts.”
Steve Yap, Sharifah Sofia, Hamidah Helmi, Nathan Kandapper, Nazrudin & Amber Chia
It was also explained that Huggies® Ultra features an Ultra-breathable cover that allows air to circulate around the baby’s bottom to help the delicate skin stay fresh and dry. In addition, an Ultra-Absorbent pad and Ultra-Dry Layer collectively keeps wetness at bay up to 12-hours.

The bodacious Joanne Kam make an unannounced appearance that saw the seasoned comedian diving into her take-no-prisoners ‘Relaklah!” skit, winning new ‘Kam’ converts along the way. ‘Fully loaded’ she was indeed.
Xavier, Sharifah Sofia, Nazrudin, Amber Chia & Steve Yap
The event continued on a high note when invited guests had an opportunity to get up close and personal with a few well known Malaysian celebrity parents - Steve Yap, Sharifah Sophia, Amber Chia and Nazrudin – who themselves were no strangers to the daily concerns of raising a child.
The group shared personal stories and experiences about raising a child. They were quizzed by emcee extraordinaire, Xavier Mah, who posed some very interesting questions: Among them: How does it feel being a first time mummy or daddy? How do you take care of your baby’s skin naturally? Choosing the right diaper is essential. What are the requirements when you choose diapers for your baby? Would you try a new and more natural way to protect your baby’s delicate skin?
It seems these discerning parents fully understood the importance of choosing the rigt diaper.
Amber & Son, Ashton
Supermodel mom Amber shared her heartbreak when eight-month old Ashton has skin irritation and red blotches as a result of diaper rash; while Nazrudin, a young father to 16-month old Zara Aaliyah Nazrudin elaborates on the right diaper for peace of mind without worries of leakages in the middle of the night. Likewise, Steve and Sharifah concur that natural materials that ensure comfort are the way to go, especially when it comes to their newborns Yap Xin (who is 4-month old) and Sharifah Ariana (at just 9-week old!) respectively.
The event would culminate with an instructional demonstration by Debbra Lee called “Let’s Exercise”, following which guests were treated to a sumptuous spread of healthy organic fare.
Let’s Exercise!

Debbra Lee & Ashton Wong~ Let's Exercise!
As parting words, Xavier playfully reminded new fathers and mothers in attendance not to miss out on the ultimate experience offered by the new and improved natural protection Huggies® Ultra for their precious ones.

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