Uniqlo at Fahrenheit 88

Today is the grand opening of Uniqlo in Malaysia. I believe Uniqlo is not new to most of the people but it's new to Malaysia. :)  Uniqlo store at Fahrenheit 88 is opening at 11am, and Initially I planned to go at 6am but I could't get up, thus I reached there only at 11am +. I was happy to find a car park at Fahrenheit 88 and quickly went into the mall. Oh my God there were so many people in the Q already! I cannot find the beginning of the Q so I gave up, didn't manage to check it out sob sob :'( Well I will go again some other day and hopefully those nice things still available by then. ;)

the look @ 2nd floor entrace

People Mountain People Sea



Uniqlo Malaysia ~ 3 storeys

Fahrenheit 88 Car park rate

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