Loreal Luxury Warehouse sales

Wow, Loreal luxury wareshouse sale has back and organised by Loreal instead of GME! Since Jaya 33 is near to my office hence I have took half day leave to go.

My hauls 

Emporio Armani Diamonds Intese 100ml EDP RM180
Ralph Lauren Notorious EDP 75ml RM90
Kiehl's washable cleanser 125ml RM20
Loreal Aqua Gloss Tecni Art(Hair gel) 150ml RM15
Loreal Force Vector Glycocell(leave-in hair conditioner) 150ml RM20

Biotherm White D-tox nuit(Night cream) 50ml RM80
Biotherm White D-tox(Day cream) 50ml RM50
Biotherm Source Therapie Yeux(eye care) 15ml RM80
Biotherm Source Therapie Superactiv(serum) 50ml RM150
Biotherm UV Detox 50 spf/PA+++ 30ml RM70
YSL lip gloss RM20
YSL primer RM20


Anonymous said...

WHAT????? The primer is RM20??? I didnt pay much attention to primer :( too bad.. I wanted to buy the Diamond perfume as well but I realized that the colour is tad bit yellow. I own one at home and its not as yellow as the on in the warehouse sale. Why ah?

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Yeah Nicole, the primer was selling at RM20 by 4pm :) Not too sure abt the color of Diamond perfume, but should be fine bcoz the manu date was late 08.

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