Enrichment Centre Illuminates the Path to Effective Learning

Opening the doors to its third centre in Malaysia, White Lodge International Preschool (White Lodge) now introduces an inclusive programme for special children, on top of its existing offering of comprehensive early childhood care and education (ECCE) for children aged 18 months to six years. Its latest centre at Desa ParkCity aims to be the catalyst that includes special children in a normalised environment to result in a learning process that goes beyond the classroom, yet prepare them for primary education at both local and international schools.
Jayne Nadarajoo, Founding Director of White Lodge said: “Traditionally, the learning process for special children is contained, whereby interaction exists only between the children and the teachers. With the opening of White Lodge Desa ParkCity, we hope to impart learning that goes above that of our teaching syllabus, by teaching children to be accepting and empathetic to their peers. This echoes our aspiration for education that goes beyond boundaries and complements our goal for an Enrichment Centre that offers programmes that are specifically designed to enhance learning abilities.
“From our experience, children begin learning at a very young age and with proper early childhood education, it is possible to begin teaching them basic skills to excel. At White Lodge, we continue to innovate and experiment with tried-and-tested programmes to educate children and instil a desire to learn in them from a tender age. Through our enrichment programmes, we will be able to help them reach their full potential.”

Stimulating Young Minds

The Enrichment Centre provides added educational programmes that are categorised as “clubs”. These clubs offer different experiences alongside various programmes that explore the expansive aspects of education. Such examples are Mathematics Club, Mandarin Club, UK Phonics Club and UK Reading Club.
The Mathematics Club builds upon the enthusiasm of children to learn new things by applying logic, all of these encapsulated through an active involvement in education. This Club helps to inspire logical thinking as well as develop problem solving opportunities.

Meanwhile, the Mandarin Club educates through methods that drive it as a second language to expose children to the language, allowing them to not only think in Mandarin but also exposing them to the context and history of the language itself.

On the other hand, the UK Phonics Club utilises a fun, child-centred approach to highlight the importance of literacy. Using the sounds from letters and word structure, children learn to identify the common traits of the English language. Complemented by the UK Reading Club, children will go on to develop a well-rounded understanding and grasp of words, sentence structures and grammar.
Nadarajoo added: “These programmes implemented through our Enrichment Centres are detail-oriented and aim to impart a hands-on approach. This is where the children practise what they have learnt in classes with their teachers and peers. For example, during Mandarin Club, the class will be conducted only in Mandarin and the children are encouraged to converse in the language to foster their understanding, boost their confidence and enable faster adoption of the language.”

Starting Them Young

As advocates of early childhood education, White Lodge believes that children as young as 18 months can be taught to socialise and adapt to social surroundings through various programmes. Therefore, included in the programme are two initiatives which are the Preschool Preparation and Parent-and-Child programmes, designed for seamless transition to primary education.
The Preschool Preparation hinges on the power of social recognition in children. By familiarising themselves through social classes, both the children and their parents will be more at ease when participating in White Lodge programmes. Parents can also opt for the Parent-and-Child programme, which is conducted in groups once a week to strengthen bonds between families taking part in the programme.

The Enrichment Programmes are available not only for White Lodge students but also children of other preschools. White Lodge invites parents to get their children to participate in these programmes as the club initiative is available every day of the week.

In conjunction with the launch of White Lodge Desa ParkCity, White Lodge also introduces an inclusion programme aimed at integrating special children with other students in a conducive learning environment. The programme runs concurrently with all classes to help special children adapt to normal social situations, yet allow them to learn at their own pace.

Nadarajoo concluded: “All of White Lodge’s programmes are designed as part of our overall vision to educate, develop and nurture children. Now with enrichment and inclusive programmes, we will be able to educate a wider array of students. Each child is different and has limitless potential, and when steered towards the right opportunities can develop strong character. This character development will help shape the future of education and beyond.”

White Lodge International Preschool at Desa ParkCity will be open from 8am to 6pm on week days and welcome all walk-in previews. To set an appointment, please email DP@whitelodge.edu.my or call +603 62622663.

For more information on White Lodge, their teachers and/or curriculum, please visit https://whitelodge.edu.my/.

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