Flavors of Festivity: Epicurean Delights for Hari Raya with California Raisins

Hari Raya 2024 is around the corner. Let’s indulge in flavors of festivity Epicurean Delights for Hari Raya with California Raisins!
California Raisins hosted a pre-Ramadan celebration on 28 Feb 2024 at Texture by C3 Lab, Atria Shopping Mall. It was a two days events with a vibrant showcase of the versatility and lifestyle appeal of California Raisins, perfectly timed for the festive Ramadan season.
California Raisins is long renowned for their natural sweetness and nutritional content. Hence it has becoming a key ingredient in both festive and everyday cuisine.
We have tried varous pastries and beverages made with California Raisins. Guests also get the chance to explore a specially set up California Raisins Garden to explore and taste different varieties of California Raisins. This immersive experience highlighted the diverse flavours and culinary appeal of raisins.

Guests also took part at the interactive photobooth with props and slogans to capture and share the memories of the event on their social media accounts and stand a chance to win a basket of California Raisins. Congrats to the 3 winners of the day.
Then, guests were treated to a range of California Raisins-themed culinary creations, courtesy by two of Malaysia's renowned pastry chefts. Guests were wowed by their innovative recipe ideas, blending with traditional Raya flavours with contemporaty culinary techniques.

Chef Aison is a skilled artisan baker with a rich culinary background. He is known for his creativity in producing artisan baked goods. He has created a few unique California Raisins pastries, including California Raisins Hazelnut Babka, California Raisins Kouign-Amann, and California Raisins Carrot Cinnabon.
Meanwhile, Chef Lawrence Bobo who is known as "The Mad Scientist" for his unique take on pastries and confectionaries. Here, he used his talents of patisseries to curate a series of sweet treats, including California Raisins Apple Tarte Tatin, California Raisins Chocolate Orange Cake, California Raisins Vanilla Petit Gateau.

The highlight of the event was guests enjoying their full epicurean experience at the lunch. The menu are:

California Raisins & Calamansi Spritzer

California Raisins Waldorf Salad


California Raisins Beef Brisket
California Raisins Briyani Rice
California Raisins Sambal with Fried Quail Eggs

California Raisins Apple Tatin

Petit Fours:
California Raisins Chocolate Raisin Cake
California Raisins Vanilla Cake

The event undersored the lifestyle benefits of incorporating California Raisins into daily diets, particularly during the festive season. As a natural sweetener and an easy snack, California Raisins aligns with the inspirations of health-conscious consumers.

Flavors of Festivity was more than a culinary showcase; it was indeed a celebration of the balanced, joyful lifestyle that California Raisins support. The attendees were inspired and ready to infuse their Raya celebrations with the rich, natural sweetness of California Raisins.

Celebrated for their premium quality and versatility, California Raisins are a staple in health-conscious kitchens. They offer a wholesome alternative to processed sugars, making them a perfect ingredients for festive and everyday cooking.

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