Refresh, Reset and Unwind the Edelweiss Way

With the festive season approaching, it is more important than ever to refresh the senses and romanticise the day-to-day with little things and rituals to set the tone for the year ahead.
This is why Edelweiss, the premium wheat beer born in the Alps, is inviting Malaysians to Unwind and reset the Edelweiss way, in preparation for stepping into the new year. And we have come up with three ways that you can reinvigorate the senses for the year ahead, with Edelweiss:

Being intentional and mindful – the best way to head into the new year is by getting clear about what matters to you. That could be as simple as creating a morning routine for yourself, setting boundaries in different areas of your life, or even just romanticising the little things like an after work unwind session to celebrate the day. It is all about adding a dash of something refreshing, the Edelweiss way, that will make the difference!

Self-care via connecting with the body and senses by incorporating movement, mindfulness and aromatherapy into the everyday. From painting to yoga classes, or even buying yourself a candle of your favourite scent for your space, treat yourself to something nice to celebrate yourself and your achievements. And as you do that, be sure to grab an ice-cold Edelweiss to kick back and enjoy the moment.

Connecting with the people you love - whether it's enjoying Edelweiss with its hint of fresh mountain herbs as you unwind and reset for the year with the people you love the most, or simply reaching out to the people you love to plan something you can look forward to.
Brewed with a hint of refreshing mountain herbs, Edelweiss is the perfect accompaniment for you to indulge and unwind as the year comes to an end.
For more information on Edelweiss, head to the brand’s Instagram for more information. Edelweiss and all related promotions and activities are strictly for non-Muslims aged 21 and above only. Edelweiss advocates responsible consumption and urges consumers to not drink and drive.

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