Soft & Radiant Skin with Wawawax Sweet Peachy & Rosie Red Body Scrub

Do you know that our largest organ on our body is skin? Skin will regenerate itself approximately every 27 days. Hence, proper skin care is essential to eliminate the dead skin cells so that our skin can be refresh and reborn. Good news for us, soft and radiant skin is easily achievable with Wawawax Body Scrub #scrubtosmooth!
I was honored to be invited to the grand launch of Wawawax Body Scrub on Valentine's Day. Held at Glass House Glenmarie, it was attended by many honorable guests and personnel from Shopee too. I was amazed by the women-owned home grown company – Wawawax by its quality products. As the trusted brand for waxing and personal care in Malaysia since 2016, Wawawax continues to elevate their wonder customers’ experience by the New Wawawax Body Scrub.
In fact, Wawawax Body Scrub is specially formulated to (i) remove dead skin cells, (ii) reduce ingrown hair caused by waxing or shaving, (iii) keep skin smooth, exfoliated and hydrated after use; and (iv) help skin to absorb moisturiser better.
Wawawax Body Scrub comes in two flavors; Sweet Peachy and Rosie Red.
For a sweet and memorable mood, you might want to be extra fruity and go with the Sweet Peachy. While on a luxurious and relaxing day, Rosie Red is your perfect choice. We like the subtle scents of both body scrub.
Wawawax has use the highest quality ingredients for your skin with unique formula combining natural ingredients including Himalaya Salt & Bengkoang Extract in the Body Scrub.

We like the beautiful packaging in pastel colors. It is easy to use Wawawax Body Scrub to remove dead skin cells from our skin. Just follow the steps below;

● Before and after shaving/ waxing your skin with Wawawax Cold Wax Hair Removal or whenever moisturising effect is needed, apply a small amount of the Wawawax Body Scrub onto your fingertips and massage onto damp skin.

● Spread in small circular motions in gentle pressure.

● Rinse your skin with lukewarm water and dry by gently patting the skin with a soft towel. ● Avoid contact with open wound and sensitive skin.
We like the delicate body scrub which will not irritate our skin when scrubbing. Our skin becomes healthy, radiant, soft and smooth after using the Wawawax Body Scrub. Oh, the skin also appear fairer and brighter! What's not to love? Now, we can enjoy a spa treatment by DIY in the comfort of our home with Wawawax Body Scrub.
‘It is important for us to be able to give the best experience for our beloved clients when taking care of themselves and we take this opportunity as a big privilege and responsibility from a local small Malaysian company like us. So, we always do our best. This carefully formulated Wawawax Body Scrub is a suitable complement to our Cold Wax Hair Removal and can be used before or after waxing or even shaving,’ shared Naqiah Othman, CEO of Wawawax Global Sdn Bhd.

During the launch event, Wawawax has also rewarded their agents for their great achievements.

Top Achiever 2021
No 1 Saufinas Binti Ismail
Jualan RM1,495,521.00

No 2 Nur Husna Ahmad Hasib
Jualan RM598,460.00

No 3 Nurul Aini Eko Praswidodo
Jualan RM282,010.00
The event ended with a high notes with a series of lucky draw. Congratulations to all the lucky winners for winning the amazing prizes.
Wawawax Body Scrub is already available starting 14 Feb 2022. You can get them from Wawawax agent nationwide or Wawawax Shopee store at the price of RM32 only. The 100g tube can be used for around 3 months. It's truly a steal for such a great product for our delicate skin. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts.

For more information about Wawawax, visit below;

Official Website:

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Min said...

Bagus kalau amalkan scrub badan berkala nih. Kulit pun cantik halus je kan..Congrats Wawawax lancarkan produk baru.

Dikbee said...

Wahhh.. Nice products la sbb ada bauan peach & rose. I suka bau lembut2 mcm ni. Baru syok nak scrub badan kannn... 🤗

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

i suka dengan varian peachy.. bau peach yang segar dan wangi...

Rawlins GLAM said...

I am loving the Rosie Red one. And my skin actually softer too now.

halimah muhiden said...

Best npknya Wawawax Body Scrub comes in two flavors; Sweet Peachy and Rosie Red, mesti baunya pun Wangi dan membuang sel2 kulit mati

Miriam said...

This is really very interesting! Definitely important to exfoliate for waxing

Sis Lin said...

Kita rasa yang peach tu bau dia mesti sedapkann.. arghh nak cuba gak laaa...

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