How I Get a Brighten Skin and Fight Anti-aging with ACELABS Lumiere Diamond Skincare

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they said. Not only the diamond gemstone sparkle and shine, it is also a great ingredient in skincare for us to get illuminating and glowing skin.
I have recently tried out ACELABS Lumiere Diamond skincare range that is infused with REAL Diamond Powder which promises an intensive brightening effect. Supported with S.M.A.R.T care Technology, it helps to delay the aging process for a youthful appearance. In fact, ACELABS is new to me. But I am confident because it is actually an International brand supported by a team of R&D in the UK and the products are proudly made in Korea.
ACELABS team is scientifically committed to creating high-efficacy products with safe and bioactive formulations to restore and transform skin health, enabling us to radiate confidence from the inside out. Not only that, ACELABS products do not contain harmful ingredients, and are suitable for all skin types, even the sensitive ones. It is non-allergenic and non-comedogenic as well as Dermatologically-tested.

I was attracted to its simple yet elegant packaging at first. To my surprise, this cosmeceutical brand actually is very affordably priced. Hence I do not hesitate to give the products a try recently.
Read on to know how I get a brightened skin and fight anti-aging with ACELABS Lumiere Diamond Skincare.

1. Lumiere Low pH Diamond Essence Cleanser (100ml | RM49)

I like that this essence type cleanser that won't leave my skin feel dry and tight after washing face. I like its Low pH formula that is gentle on skin, makes my skin feel clean and soft after using it. It also contains Papain and Bromelain which are the natural enzymes to to help skin become stronger by decreasing inflammation and exfoliate the skin for a smoother complexion.
It is easy to lather, and I like the mild floral scent. It is best for normal to dry skin.
To use, just massage gently over damp skin, avoiding the eye area then rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry every morning and evening.

2. Lumiere Diamond Essence (100ml | RM89)
Lumiere Diamond Essence works like a second-skin protection as it contains powerful moisturising ingredients to protect skin from ageing, external stress and water loss. Works like a pre-serum, the essence helps other products in your skincare routine better absorb into your skin.
The essence is fast absorbed into my skin without any greasy feels.

To use, dispense an adequate amount in palms and apply to skin after cleansing. Pat gently for quicker absorption.

3. Lumiere Rebalancing Diamond Drop (30ml | RM169)

My most recommended product in ACELABS Lumiere Diamond skincare range is Lumiere Rebalancing Diamond Drop. This little bottle works magic on my skin. I like how it gives my skin a glow without drying it.

Infused with an advanced probiotics formula, which is derived from fermentation, the live micro-organisms in probiotics restore skin’s tolerance, balance, firmness and hydration. It also contains fast-absorbing micro oil particles and Hyaluronic Acid moisturise skin’s deeper layers for a revitalized complexion.
Lumiere Rebalancing Diamond Drop has a lightweight texture which is easy to absorb into skin. My skin feels soft, supple and glowing after the application.
To use, apply 2 to 3 drops directly onto skin with the dropper after Lumiere Diamond Essence. Gently massage to promote absorption.

4. Luminous Intense Brightening Mask (10pcs in a box of 28ml each sheet | RM99)
Masking is very important in a skincare routine. Indulge in this brightening sheet mask to revive skin’s true radiance, featuring a harmony of ingredients like Diamond Powder, Peony and Rose.
Luminous Intense Brightening Mask is made with natural cellulose sheet that hugs the facial contours like a second skin, delivering utmost comfort without drying out easily.
I like that the mask can be used daily. It is very comfortable on the skin and the result is obvious. My dull skin turns bright and luminous after applying the mask.

To use, apply the sheet mask on the face and remove after 10 to 20 minutes.
Overall, ACELABS Lumiere Diamond skincare range works wonders for my skin. I use it day and night for a week now, and my skin feels illuminated, glowing and younger now.

The products are high in quality and affordably priced, hence I would recommend all of you to give it a try.
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Ezna Khalili said...

Korea memang terkenal dengan produk kosmetik kan?. R&D dari UK. Wow....Boleh la nanti cari produk ni di pasaran.

Mohd Zarin said...

Wow.. nampak sangat baik untuk kulit wajah dan muka. You dah pakai pun boleh nampak perubahah yang positif pada kulit

SalinaJohari said...

Produk Korea memang tak pernah mengecewakan. Dulu masa mula-mula belum try ada jugak keraguan .. tapi bila nampak keberkesanan. Terus jatuh chenta dengan skincare made in Korea

Rawlins GLAM said...

The good benefit certainly shows on you. I think I should check this out too as age is really catching up. Thanks for your sharing.

Bella Jamal said...

Seriusly pakai diamond powder? 1st time dgr. Before only tau gold powder aje. Mesti boleh tahan harga brand ni.

Sis Lin said...

Nampak ketara perbezzan dia bila selepas guna produk ni.. Sis kalau produk beri kesan positof camni, mahal pun takpe, berbaloi pakai kan.. nanti nak survey..

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

Wah! Ini rahsia you ya. Kulit you semakin cantik dan berseri-seri

Cik Min said...

I memang obses kalo bab skincare. Memang menarik ni bila guna diamond powder..nak cari la nanti

Hello Manja said...

First time dengar jenama ni. Produk dia macam best je. Nampak beza lepas guna produk ni. Sukalah packaging dia

Yusuf Ahmad said...

Produk korea memang sangat bagus, dari gadjet sampailah ke scincare produk, semuanya bagus

Ruby said...

Baru tau ada jenama ni. Berseri-seri Rane. Nanti nak check it out lah produk ni. Tq share.

siennylovesdrawing said...

I love kbeauty stuff & 1st time got to know about this brand, thanks for sharing. it seems a good range with the obvious before vs after application. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

messarah said...

this is my first time hearing about this brand wah gonna try it soon

Kitkat Nelfei said...

First time I heard about this ACELAB brand ya.. But based on your review, this brand is a good one to try also ya.. (Y)

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