Soothe & Restore Your Skin with SNP Cicaronic Prep Set

I have been trying a few Cicaronic skincare ranges these few years, here’s the sharing of the most impressive ones - SNP Cicaronic Prep Set.
SNP is a South Korea skincare brand famous for its facial mask. This year, SNP has launched the Cicaronic Prep Set to rescue sensitive skin. The SNP Cicaronic skincare range consists of cleansing foam, toning essence, ampoule, soothing cream and daily mask. It is a complete skincare regime for the day and night.
The SNP Cicaronic skincare range is infused with Centella asiatica and 3 Hyaluronic acid layers that provide nutrients while calming and taking care of our skin. The exclusive relieving & moisture formula offers the best solution to soothe and restore our skin.

Let’s look into the products:

Cicaronic Cleansing Foam (180ml | MYR 79.90)

I like the big tube of Cicaronic cleansing foam that can last me for months. The white colored cleanser is easy to foam up. Its mild formula cleanses my skin without drying it out. My skin feels clean, fresh and moist after using it.

Cicaronic Toning Essence (220ml | MYR 79.90)

Pack in a transparent plastic bottle, Cicaronic toning essence soothes my skin and it feels moist immediately. It’s easy to use, just dispense an appropriate amount and pat onto skin.

Cicaronic Ampoule (1.5mlx7ea | MYR 79.90)

Cicaronic ampoule provide intensive treatment care to my skin. It absorbs into my skin almost immediately, leaving it soft and supple. Skin looks brighten and clear instantly after apply.

Cicaronic Soothing Cream (50g | MYR 79.90)

Comes in a tube packaging, Cicaronic soothing cream is a deep moisturizing cream that provides nutrients while calming and taking care of our skin. The cream is rich but it doesn’t make the skin feel greasy after apply.

Cicaronic Daily Mask (1box of 10pcsx20ml | MYR 99.90)
Cicaronic Daily Mask is a sheet mask that is thin and adheres to skin perfectly. Containing cica trio and sodium hyaluronate effectively and evenly calms irritated and sensitive skin.
Just need to apply for 10-20min, skin feels recharge and moist after that.

After using SNP Cicaronic Prep Set for 3 weeks now, my skin becomes smooth and clear, no more tighten feels. As a conclusion, SNP Cicaronic Prep Set is a good skincare range to soothe and restore our skin. I would recommend it to you all as it is suitable for all skin types.

SNP Prep Cicaronic skincare range is now available at Guardian Malaysia.

For more information about SNP Malaysia, visit:
FACEBOOK - @snpmalaysiaofficial | 
INSTAGRAM- @snpmalaysia

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