The Art of Position Book Launch @ Popular Flagship Store, IPC Shopping Centre

I love reading, and I read almost everyday while travelling on the train to work. They take us beyond our world and into someone else’s real or imaginary one. They satisfy the curiosity of the elusive “What if?”.
I was honored to be invited to The Art of Position Book Launch held at Popular Flagship Store, IPC Shopping Centre earlier today. There, we had learnt so much from the beautiful and kind-hearted author Datuk Stella Chin. She has shared so much about her wonderful experiences.
In her interpretation, the Chinese character of the word “Position” is written as , a combination of Human 人and Stand 立. This character blend can be interpreted as a “stand that dominates a person's action”.
In fact, everyone has their own position in a team. If you want to be in a better position, you have to work harder; if you want to change your position, you have to change your mindset; and if you want to be in a better position next year, you have to start investing yourself now. Your ambition has to be supported with new skills, improvements and talents.
The business world has become more competitive than ever, and people have higher expectations of corporations and individuals. Hence it is important to strive for excellence in everything we do. Datuk Stella Chin has achieved a balanced life of excellence and happiness, and she is sharing her secrets with the world through her books.
The Art of Position Book is a must-read for junior and mid-level administrative as well as managerial staff. Whenever you are from a business or non-business background, as long as your work involves organizational operations, this book will benefit and give great improvement from the knowledge shared by Datuk Stella Chin. This book is the essence of Datuk Stella Chin's unique insights into leadership, communication, ideas, innovations, views and organizational skills.
“To become a distinguished worker, you have to understand that excellence starts with you and it begins from within. To become an excellent manager, you have to think outside the box and lead the team to charge forward towards a goal! ” - Datuk Stella Chin.

“Every year, you should have a new Position”

The Art of Position Book is the Top 1 Best Seller in KingStone Taiwan on the first day of publish. It is also Top 1 best seller in KingStone Finance and Economics Management. It has been sold around 6000 copies and the Chinese version is undergone 4th printing. It is ranked the 1st best seller in GRAMEDIA Indonesia within the first week of publish.
The Art of Position Book is now available at major bookstores at only RM 55. Grab it at Popular bookstores now as it is having a 20% discounts.

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