I Choose Tollyjoy for My Loving Babies

As you all know, I’ve given birth to my second princess on 5th Apr 2013. It’s such a joyous moment for my family.

I used to buy imported expensive European baby products for my first daughter, but now I’ve found an affordable brand with the same good quality – Tollyjoy. Founded in 1971 in Singapore, Tollyjoy Baby Products is a company principally involved in the manufacturing and marketing of Baby Care and Mother Care Products under the brands of Tollyjoy and Little Precious.

It’s important to select good baby products because newborn and babies’ skin are so delicate and sensitive. I’m glad to share my experience using Tollyjoy products below for the new and existing mummies.

It’s important to wash the feeding bottles, baby feeding teats, toys, and other baby accessories with liquid cleanser for hygiene purpose. Tollyjoy’s baby accessories & vegetable liquid cleanser has a new anti-bacterial formula that helps provide baby with maximum hygiene and cleanliness.
It has a very nice fruity scent and it removes milk deposits effectively.
The bottle comes with a pump so I am able to pump out the amount I need easily. Moreover, it has won the Singapore Mother & Baby Awards 2011 and Parents Best of the Best 2012.
Tollyjoy’s baby accessories & vegetable liquid cleanser (900ml) is selling at RM 25.90.
Tollyjoy’s baby laundry detergent is also one of my favorite products. It cleans baby’s clothes effectively leaving them with a nice smell and soft texture. It is developed with mild plant-based ingredients with anti-bacterial and preservation action.
It’s also economical for my family as all I need is 1 cap of Tollyjoy’s baby laundry detergent for a full load of clothes. In fact, this product has won the Singapore Mother & Baby Awards 2012! 
Tollyjoy’s baby laundry detergent 1000ml is selling at RM14.90 and it also has a refillable pack.

I’ve chosen to breastfeed again this time because I believe breast milk is the best for babies. Usually, I would pump my milk and store it in the fridge every day. When I go travelling, it’s essential for me to have a cooler bag so that I can keep my expressed milk cool and fresh for baby.
Tollyjoy’s cooler bag has refrigerant bricks that help keep 4 milk bottles cold for up to 12 hours.
Tollyjoy’s cooler bag is constructed with luxurious microfiber fabric on the exterior and a unique combination of insulating layers within. It’s easy to clean too, just wipe the inner portion of the bag and air dry it would do. That’s definitely convenient for me as I am breastfeeding my baby!

Ways to thaw milk
Suggested Storage Duration

Note: Bottles are not included in the cooler bag.

Tollyjoy’s cooler bag is selling at RM69.90, during sales period you might get 20% discount too.

It’s also needful for me to use nursing pads to avoid embarrassing moment when going out. Tollyjoy’s premium disposable nursing pad is so soft and thin for maximum comfort. It’s very absorbent in comparison to the previous brand I used. The nursing pads are designed with added contoured markings for a more comfortable and better fit in my brassiere. It also has dual adhesive strips for better hold and discreet fit, making it an effective and reliable choice for me.
Tollyjoy’s premium disposable nursing pads (48 pieces in a box) is selling at RM23.90

Tollyjoy’s BPA-free feeding bottle is made from high-quality Food Contact Grade materials.
It has a valve system that enables self-regulation of air pressure within the feeding bottle. This ensures a more consistent flow of fluids during feeding that minimizes incidences of colic and flatulence.
Tollyjoy’s BPA free feeding bottle (5 OZ) retails at RM29.90

I’m a satisfied mother with Tollyjoy because I know that my two princesses are pampered with the safest high quality baby products. I trust Tollyjoy because they are created for the baby you and I love!
For more information about Tollyjoy, do check out http://www.tollyjoy.com.sg/


cleffairy said...

Tollyjoy... brings back the memories. When my son was a baby,I used Tollyjoy too. If not mistaken the baby powder...

Anonymous said...

Is there any store in.klang valley?

Syar said...

I really love the liquid detergent. Its smells good and cleans well but it hard to find nowadays since carrefour are no longer in msia

Syar said...

I really love the liquid detergent. Its smells good and cleans well but it hard to find nowadays since carrefour are no longer in msia

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Hi Cleffairy, yeah you could still use Tollyjoy for your boy now ^ ^

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Hi my readers, Tollyjoy is available at major departmental store like Aeon, Isetan and etc in Malaysia.

Monica Castello said...

The report declared that six leading brands of bottles were subjected to a heat check which all six leached, what they take into account, dangerous levels of BPA. The researchers cited the various studies conducted on animals that prove BPA will injury the immune, neurological, and fruitful systems throughout a baby's development Shara.

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