Benefit Raising Eyebrow book launch & Brow-shaping masterclass

When was your last time “beautifying” your eyebrows? Do you go for eyebrows trimming, threading or waxing? For me, I always opt for my eyebrow trimming when I go for my facial. I have also tried eyebrows threading before but I found it is rather painful and if the beautician is not really professional, she could made one bleeding due to mistake.
Thanks to Benefits Malaysia, I was invited to the Raising Eyebrow book launch & Brow-shaping masterclass a couple of weeks ago at Parkson Pavillion personal shopper room.

Must-have brow tools: Hard-Angle Brush, Brow Brush, Tweezers, Fingertip, Brow Wax, Brow Powder

I volunteered to be the model of the day as my eyebrows seriously need grooming. I was request to fill up the Waxing release form before hand. Benefit requests each and every customer to fill in this form to know if the customer is currently using Retin A, Accutane etc or she/he has done Laser peel, Phenol peel or some other procedures before. If the answer is positive, then Waxing is not suitable for you.

Brow-Shaping Basics - Now let's get closer to the mirror and learn the basic principles for shaping the eyebrow.
point a is the start of brow

point b is the highest point of the arch

point c is the end of the brow

Using a stick or spatula, the aesthetician (Emmy Teo) applies a thin strip of warm wax in between my brows in the direction in which my hair grows.

Next, the aesthetician lays a thin strip of muslin over the wax, smoothing it gently in the direction of my hair growth.

Then a quick tug - like pulling off a Band-Aid - and adios, unwanted hair!

Finally, the aeshetician goes over the area with tweezers, removing any hairs that got away.

The aesthetician then repeats the same waxing-and-tweezing process above and below the brow, finishing with a wax-removing solution (if needed) and a cooling gel to calm and soothe the skin.

Surprisingly the pain of waxing is bearable. Although my skin was reddish after the wax, the redness was gone in a few hours. However, I felt itchy on my eyebrow area for the whole day and can’t resist to scratch it. Ah, scratching is not recommended by Benefit but I just can’t help it.
At the Benefit Brow Bar, a Benefit-trained aesthetician will wax or tweeze your brows into a customized shape designed specifically for your face. The Benefit Brow philosophy is simple – “Brows are the frame to your face, that’s exactly what Benefit plans to do with Benefit National Brow Week from April 16 – 22, 2012.
Benefit Brow Bar is available at:

Parkson KLCC (Tel: 03-2164 2187)

Parkson Pavillion (Tel: 03-2141 4601)

Parkson 1 Utama (Tel: 03-7725 3566)

Parkson Sunway (Tel: 03-5631 6300)

C&F, KLIA (Tel: 03-87871491)


• Benefit performs a brow arch every minute somewhere in the US!

• Benefit is the largest employer of professional aestheticians in the World.

• Benefit sells 1 brow product a minute, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at 2100 counters worldwide.

• Benefit Brows are FREE on your birthday! (Just flash your valid government ID)
• In the new book, “Raising Eyebrows”, best-selling author Cameron Tuttle relied on the brow experts at Benefit to be her go-to brow source, as she divulges everything you need to know about brow-WOW’s (on sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, Benefits Buotiques & Benefit Brow Bars across the US) Wee, we are the lucky few in Malaysia to own this book!
fabulous brow done by Emmy, thank you!

Raising Eyebrows – your personal guide to fabulous brows by Cameron Tuttle is a very useful book for beauty lovers. It’s your go-to guide for fabulous brows! Cameron Tuttle is the lifetime benebabe & author of best-selling “how-to” series The Bad Girls Guide, knows the importance of putting your best brow forward!

Written by Tuttle with tips & tricks from the global brow experts at Benefit Cosmetics, Raising Eyebrows has everything you need to raise your brows – and the brows around you!

In this book you’ll…

• Learn the secret power of eyebrows

• Compare the pros and cons of waxing, tweezing, threading and MORE

• Avoid the perils of PTTD (Post-traumatic-tweezing-disorder)

• Get tips & tricks from the eyebrow pros at Benefit Cosmetics
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For more information, do visit Benefit at;

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I just can't wait to try the Hello Flawless foundation

Benefit perfumes smell heavenly, I will be trying POREfessional and review soon

Colorful & attractive eye candies!


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