My new lover - Loreal Roll on true match

To create the illusion of beautiful skin, applying foundation is an essential step. But using foundation can be quite a hassle for many women. Liquid foundation needs to be blended expertly in order for it to look flawless and natural on the skin. Not knowing how to do so as well as poorly applied on foundation can result in undesired makeup mistakes – uneven coverage, streaks especially along the side of the jawline and around hard-to-reach facial contours, and a cakey finish due to poor blending techniques. Top it all off with choosing the wrong shade, and you will end up with a complexion that is less than perfect, unlike what you have hoped to achieve in the first place!
Don’t let this put us off from using foundation; we all deserve flawless-looking skin! Thanks to L’Oréal Paris  – the Roll’ On True Match Perfecting Roll’ On Foundation, now, everyone can achieve ultra-even, natural-looking results, a velvety finish – all in just one step. The L’Oréal Paris True Match range is the first-ever complete makeup collection to precisely match your skin’s tone and texture. With it, we will never go wrong when choosing the right foundation for your skin tone.

Now, L’Oréal Paris has taken this incredible makeup range one notch up by introducing its latest invention – the Roll’ On True Match Perfecting Roll’ On Foundation, a first in the market. With this nifty makeup tool in hand, you can easily achieve perfectly even coverage without any streaks or makeup mistakes!
Roll’ On True Match Perfecting Roll’ On Foundation works in two unique ways:

Roll’ On True Match Perfecting Roll’ On Foundation’s Stretch Formula is a balanced formula that gives you excellent coverage. It contains the ideal concentration of pigments, which helps to unify your complexion. Containing oils and gliding agents that stretch the finest layer of foundation over your skin, Roll’ On True Match Perfecting Roll’ On Foundation’s Stretch Formula ensures a velvety finish. Not only that, thanks to its soft focus elastomers, this innovative foundation hides imperfections so easily and so naturally.

Applying foundation has never been so easy with L’Oréal Paris’s unique True Match applicator. The flexible Roll’ On Applicator seamlessly applies the perfect amount of makeup for smooth, even coverage and the ultimate airbrushed finish. It puts pressure on the True Match foundation and stretches it to create that 100 percent flawless finish.

Not only that, the Roll’ On Applicator allows you to easily apply foundation on all the hard-to-reach contours on your face, thanks to its flexible feature. Application is so easy that you can customise the amount of coverage you need as well as apply foundation where you need it most. No streaks, no smudges, just picture-perfect skin. Definitely a whole new way to apply your foundation – perfectly.
Roll’ On True Match Perfecting Roll’ On Foundation is so easy to use, in just three steps:

Step #1 Firmly roll the Roll’ On Applicator over your True Match Foundation. For best results, roll across the foundation four to five times to pick up the ideal amount of foundation.

Step #2 Lightly glide onto skin. Starting from the centre of your face, roll the applicator outwards and downwards until makeup is fully blended into skin. The more you roll the applicator over your skin, the finer the layer of foundation. Repeat until you achieve the desired coverage.

Step #3 For your nose, hold the applicator vertically and roll makeup onto skin. For eye area, hold the applicator horizontally and roll makeup onto skin.

I love L’Oréal Paris Roll’ On True Match Perfecting Roll’ very much. Apply foundation has never been so simple and so hassle free! I could complete my simple daily look in just 3 minutes with the helps of it. It's true, I spent 3 minutes only to complete my normal daily look below, I love my face that looks naturally sheer and flawless.
L’Oréal Paris Roll’ On True Match Perfecting Roll’ On Foundation is your answer to beautiful makeup, guaranteed. L’Oréal Paris Roll’ On True Match Perfecting Roll’ recommended retail price is RM 76.90 at all L’Oréal Paris counters nationwide. Available in 12 natural shades to perfectly fit yours.
Don’t put up with less-than-perfect foundation. Forget troublesome application techniques. Give your complexion the results it deserves – velvety finish, natural-looking flawlessness, ultra-even skin tone. Because you are worth it!

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