Watch Transformer 3 with Double A

Thanks Double A Malaysia for organising Transformer 3: Dark of the Moon movie premier at GSC 1 Utama on 29th June 11 night.
Since It's a 3D show which means where you sit is very important hence I went to their office in Jaya 33 to collect the tickets in advance. I have chosen the corner 2 seats of 4th row from back(Middle seats was all fully occupied).
Overall, Transformer 3 is not bad, just don't expect it's as good as the previous 2 then it's fine.(at least to me)  :)
Now share with you the Double A goodies bag, there are cool Transformer notepad and cute little mini Double A paper ream which I like very much. Thanks Double A again for the movie and the experience of done my very 1st questionnaires in cinema.

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